Newsflash: the Firefly guys were villains

  Update: I’m told there was Cracked vid posted late last year that covered this same topic. And here I . . . (Read More)

The making of: ILLUMINAE ARCs

Hello droogs, Excitement afoot! My legion of flying monkeys has informed me the first ARCs of ILLUMINAE have made it . . . (Read More)

Serendipity, or WTF does "ILLUMINAE" mean?

So. I have a new book coming out this year called ILLUMINAE. I co-wrote it with my bud and partner-in-crime . . . (Read More)

French KINSLAYER cover

Just got the artwork for the French KINSLAYER cover, done once again by the amazing Miesis Illustration. I must be . . . (Read More)


Hello all, Happy NY and all that jazz. I’ve been slacker than a slacker’s slack bits about blogging lately, but . . . (Read More)