Hello Droogs!

I bring news. Firstly, due to super high demand, Goldsboro books have ordered the production of more blood-red special edition NEVERNIGHTs. These editions will be signed by yours truly (but not numbered) and there are still a handful left. They’re available by clicking here.

Second! You’ll remember I mentioned a black-edged special edition of NEVERNIGHT last week, pictured below in all its sexiness:


sprayed edges black special edition

So metal.

I can now announce these editions will be available through pre-order at Waterstones Books. You can do so by clicking here.

Note: the black edition will not be signed. It WILL however, be completely fucking metal.

Lastly, I figured you’d like to see the full UK cover in all its glory, so below are pics of the end papers and the full dust jacket and the book just generally looking awesome. The folks at Harper Voyager did such an incredible job pulling this package together, and the level of detail is just bonkers.

After the pics, there’s an article from my amazing cover designer, Cherie Chapman, talking about how she came up with the concept and a little bit about the design process.

Enjoy the sexy eye candy. Right click and “view image” to embiggen.


Nevernight Royal HB layout

Full jacket with flap artwork




Front endpaper and flap




And now, a word from our designer:

Nevernight was presented as an open design brief, which means that the whole team had a chance to come up with ideas and designs for it. I was intrigued by the fact that it was a new epic fantasy trilogy, and because the imagery within it seemed right up my street. I read the manuscript and thoroughly enjoyed the world, characters and their stories; there’s so much to pull from this book, so many possible routes!

Cherie working

Cherie at work. Or at least posing for photos and looking like she’s at work.

I decided to explore what design could work across a trilogy instead of thinking solely about the first book. What really stuck me was the idea of the three suns: Saan (red), Saai (blue) and Shiih (yellow). They are central to the novel and rotate for nearly three years before they set into nighttime (truedark). I thought there could be something really nice in this idea, I just had to figure it out. I knew I wanted the suns to have a sense of movement. In the end I went with stretching the three suns across the cover layout so that there was always one displayed on the front, spine, and back cover. As the series progress the suns position would move across the covers, gradually sinking to give the impression they are also setting. I wanted other parts of the design, like the flaps that fold into the book, endpapers and the book edges to represent the darkness/shadows.


rough concept

Cherie’s original concept sketches.

My idea was chosen to progress to the next stage.

I knew I wanted the central icon to be illustrated in black and white so that it would present a nice contrast to the bright colours of the suns. After looking through numerous illustrators I finally came across Kerby Rosanes’ work. I fell in love with his detailed ink style and I knew right away that he would be the perfect illustrator for this trilogy.

work in progress 3

The crooooow.

A crow was chosen as the main icon, because it is representative of the central character, and is a repetitive image in the novel:

The blade was crafted of gravebone, gleaming white and hard as steel, its hilt carved like a crow in flight. Red amber eyes gleamed in the scarlet sunlight.”

A crow in flight – and in an aggressive pose – felt like a good match for Mia’s personality and her quest for revenge (also great against the red, bloody sun on the first cover). What initially drew me to Kerby’s work was the way that he so naturally incorporates other imagery within his main illustration, and I thought this would add richness and significance to the icon. Exchanging ideas and suggestions for the detail worked wonderfully, and Kerby even suggested using a night sky within the bird’s wingspan, which I thought was a lovely touch.

I do have some basic plans for book two and three but I don’t want to give too much away yet! I’m sure that once you see the full jacket illustration for yourself you’ll have a good feel for what I’m going for.

work in progress 1

Flap artwork detail, including a horse named “Bastard”.

I really love the final illustration and design, and am very much so looking forward to reading and working on Jay’s Kristoff’s next book with Kerby.

work in progress 2

Flap artwork detail, including Mister Kindly.

“It is such a pleasure to illustrate a glimpse to the world of Nevernight through the cover. The elements and the level of detail I put on the illustrations represent some key themes from the story – dark, intriguing and deadly.” Kerby Rosanes

Nevernight will be available in the UK on 11th August.

NEVERNIGHT special editions

The Map of Bones Francesca Haig 7th April 2016


I bring some awesome news of the bookish kind.

There are going to be not one, but TWO special hardback versions of the UK edition of NEVERNIGHT.

The first:

  • A signed, numbered edition with blood red page edges, available from Goldsboro. This edition is available in extremely limited quantities – there are only 250 going to be made, EVER.
    If this sounds like your jam, you can preorder this edition from Goldsboro now:

    Again, there are only 250 of these things and they’re selling VERY fast, so you might wanna order now to save sadpants later.

    And yes, Goldsboro have international shipping.

The second:

  • An uber edition with black page edges. These will be available from another UK store (I can’t reveal deets until Monday). They will be produced in limited quantities, but they won’t be signed. Just way more metal than the regular edition.

That’s the only news on the 2nd edition I can give for now, but more details soon, I promise. The pics above give you a rough idea how they look – these are low res, but I’ll have better pics soon, along with full artwork for the jacket of the UK hardback edition – it looks amaaaaaaazing.

Also, on top of all this, remember, all US Editions of NEVERNIGHT come signed.

Amazon/Barnes&Noble/Indiebound/Powells/Book Depository

So you peeps are spoiled for choice!

Five Weeks

Book depository pre-orders are now working again. Sorry for the hassle, folks!

Amazon/Barnes&Noble/Indiebound/Powells/Book Depository


Six Weeks

All pre-orders shall be rewarded with hugs and cake*!

*Exact quantities of hugs/cake may vary.

Amazon/Barnes&Noble/Indiebound/Powells/Book Depository


Seven Weeks

Remember, all US pre-orders come signed!

Amazon/Barnes&Noble/Indiebound/Powells/Book Depository







As you may know, we recently ran a contest to get your name on the GEMINA casualty list. Yes, Amie and I actually asked our readers to volunteer to be murdered in the lightless black of the void. That’s the kind of authors we are.

Happily, the response was amazing! Sadly, the contest was only open to US and Canadian residents. We said at the time that we’d be working on a way for all our amazing  readers to die horribly, and THAT TIME IS UPON US.

There are very few spaces on the list. But, if you would like the chance to suffer a particularly painful death in the cold belly of space, read on.


Things you must do to win this contest:

  1. Pre-order a copy of GEMINA. It does not matter where you do this. Online. Local bookstore. Seedy back alley. However, proof of your pre-order MUST be supplied.
    Handy links provided below:
    Book Depository

  2. Send proof of purchase (scan, photograph, contract written in the blood of the innocent) to: theilluminaefiles@gmail.comThe next step is VERY IMPORTANT
  3. Along with your proof of purchase you must provide:
    a) Your name. Not a twitter handle. Not a cute nickname. Not a forum avi. Meta as it might be, we cannot use a name like byteme.
    First name.
    b) You must also include the following declaration within the body of your email:

My name is [insert your name here]. I confirm I am freely agreeing to the use of my name in the series The Illuminae Files. This permission is for all rights and uses, in perpetuity, and I agree I will receive no compensation for the use of my name. I agree the authors and publishers are not obligated to make any corrections or changes to my name in reprints.

The really, really important bit:


Yes, that’s only a few days away. We don’t fuck around.



As an added incentive, if you spread the word about this contest, you go into the running to win loot. Just tweet or FB the following:

Want to get your name on the #GEMINA casualty list? Make with the clickies. THIS CONTEST IS OPEN INTERNATIONALLY:

By doing so, you go into the running to win a signed, personalized ARC of GEMINA, and a signed copy of the ILLUMINAE audiobook. Behold:


No you cannot have my Jayne. Look how cute he is.


That’s it! Spread the word! Spread the love! And die, die, die my darlings.

Australian readers – take note



Hello my name is Joe Hockey

Hello Droogs,

I’m taking a moment away from the usual brand of shenanigans and tomfoolery that plagues the pages of this blog to talk about a threat to the Australian publishing industry and Australian authors. This is a long post, but if you’re a reader of Australian fiction, you should seriously read on. There will be cake at the end.*

You may be aware that the Australian Federal Government is looking to change existing copyright laws in a way that will be deeply damaging to the Australian book industry, particularly to creators (like yours truly) and publishers.

The Turnbull Government has stated its intention to remove the Parallel Importation Rules (PIRs) that currently exist to protect Australian territorial copyright. These rules were put in place to ensure that if an Australian publisher holds the rights to a book – whether from a local or overseas author – then they have the exclusive ability to publish that title in Australia.

Under these rules, an individual reader can still order a book from anywhere in the world, because yay Freedom of Choice. But commercial quantities can’t be imported into Australia without the permission of the Australian publisher. Similar laws exist in the US and the UK. This system has created a viable Australian publishing industry, and allowed Australian authors to do important things like Pay Their Mortgage and, you know, Not Starve to Death. Removing Parallel Importation Rules will allow overseas editions or remainder copies (editions that failed to sell in their own markets) to flood the Aus market, with substantially reduced royalties being paid to authors, and with sales revenues going to overseas wholesalers and publishers, rather than Australian publishers. The Federal Government hopes that removing PIRs will mean cheaper books for readers, but they have little evidence to suggest the move will actually result in market-wide lower prices. However, it will have a huge impact in reducing the size of the Australian publishing industry, and thus the number of books published in Australia.

With me so far? It gets worse.

The recent Productivity Commission draft report into Intellectual Property Arrangements (released in late April 2016 and prepared at the instigation of former treasurer Joe Hockey, who remember, JUST GOT FIRED BY HIS OWN PARTY) endorses the removal of PIRs, but it also goes further into the hellish depths of stupid. The report proposes substantially reducing an author’s term of copyright, and increasing the amount of copyright material that can be used by others without payment or permission.

Basically, the government is looking to limit copyright ownership of any literary work to extend only as far as fifteen years. After that, your work isn’t yours anymore and people can reproduce and sell it with impunity. Doesn’t matter who you are. Doesn’t matter what you created. People can just steal your shit. Hey, Mr Marcus Zusak, you know that Book Thief novel you wrote back in 2005? Well, we hope you enjoyed making money from it, because as of 2020, it doesn’t belong to you. Dear Mr Tim Winton, you thought you owned your masterpiece Cloudstreet, right? Do we have news for you! Yeah yeah, you fucking wrote it. But take a seat Mr Smarty Art man. All ur books R belong 2 us.

Sound fair?

No, Jay. It sounds like fucking madness. Now what can I do about this?

I’m glad you asked.

First up, you should TALK ABOUT IT. Spread the word on your social media channels. Raise the debate. Have a look at the campaign website:, and arm yourself with knowledge. Understand the fragility of the Australian publishing industry and what the long term ramifications will be if our government adopts a doctrine no other country/economy in the Western world is stupid enough to espouse.

Then, you should sign the petition: If you can spare it, donate some money to the cause.

And finally, when that big old Federal Election rolls around in a couple of months, think long and hard about who and WHAT you’re voting for.

That’s it. Thanks for reading.

*The Cake was a lie.


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