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For ARC requests and US publicity inquiries about AURORA RISING or THE ILLUMINAE FILES, please contact Josh Redlich:

For AUS inquiries about AURORA RISING or THE ILLUMINAE FILES, please contact Allen & Unwin

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For AUS inquiries about NEVERNIGHT, please contact

For ARC requests and US publicity inquiries about LIFEL1K3 please contact Joshua Redlich:

For AUS inquiries about LIFEL1K3, please contact Allen & Unwin

The -AT- is an ingenious device to fool those nasty little script kiddies who have yet to know the touch of a real woman. It must be replaced with an @, but you already knew that, because you’re not a machine, right?


11 responses to “Contact

  • Peggy Blair


    Too funny. Adding you to my blogroll right now:

    Can’t wait to read all three of them.

  • nikki

    I would LOVE to know random facts about my favorite author… from him personally please & thank you… sorry if the wife doesn’t approve but he is my idol… I am a curious person & as you know curiosity killed the cat but I remember also that satisfaction braught it back… yeah… I am aware I’m a loser… so what lol there must be a chance…

  • Nina Wikstrom Aguilar

    Dear Mr. Kristoff, I stand in solidarity (well, I’m actually still in bed, so I lay in solidarity) because I am a librarian and had to take a whole class about Intellectual Property. I am dismayed to learn that people are selling their ARC on various sites. I used to review books for Library Journal and I would paste my review of a book inside the cover. In the same way, my brother writes music, and I would never think of just copying a borrowed CD.
    Anyway…wanted to tell you that I am the 600th person to follow your blog!! Best of luck with your up-coming books. Will you do a book tour?

    Sincerely, Nina the Viking Cybrarian

  • S. K. Aetherphoxx

    Hello Jay!
    A few years ago I started a book for all the wrong reasons. (Was trying to impress a screen writer I knew). Naturally my ambitions began to wane a little, until one day I picked up Stormdancer from a shelf in Chapters. The cover was amazing, the description was enticing, and I was overwhelmed with the wonder if this is what it would feel like to hold my own. Naturally, I bought Stormdancer that day, and would look at it every time I felt discouraged. (I didn’t read it for the longest time because I was scared of having your ideas alter mine)
    Anyways, long story short, I finished my book, and after a long journey of planning, waiting, and saving, it’s finally in the last stages of professional editing and on Kickstarter. It’s okay if it’s not something you’re interested in, but I’d love it if you took a look to see just what can happen when someone is inspired by your work.
    The link is here:

  • whistlerreads

    “elmo It used to be available as a PDF on the author’s website – you can see the link in the details section near the top of the page. However, the PDF is no longer there and the author has ignored requests to repost it. Since this is the 1st story in the series, I’d personally suggest skipping all of it until the author finally takes a minute to update the link or repost the file. There are many other great books out there to buy and read instead.”
    …quoted from “Pray for Rain” . . .Goodreads listing, . .Lotus Wars (0.5)

    As will I. . .a little pricey, anyway. . .

  • Kristína Hulinová

    Hello! My name is Kristína and I´m book blogger from Slovakia. This is the first time I´m doing this project – Blogtour. We´re asking couple of authors one question. And here´s mine:

    Do you have a favorite bookish quote?

    Also, part of this blogtour is giveaway. If it´s possible, could you send me some signed stuff? (Bookmarks, bookplates, books…) But of course, I don´t want to push you.

    Thank you so much for everything. ❤ ❤

  • Kristoffer

    Jay, you’re a genious! Love your books Nevernight and Godsgrave! They are amazing! I have bought almost all your books now, and you’re seriously my favourite all time writer!

    Looking forward to your other books as well! The your time with Darkdawn, and make it something good and special! I really hope the story does not end with this book! Mia Corvere is a great character and i cannot get enough!

    Have a good one from Sweden! Hope you come here for a booktour or something (Malmö – not Stockholm)! Or Copenhagen in Denmark!

    Congratulations on your work, you are awesome!

  • Bailey

    I would LOVE to see an AMA on reddit from you! Lets talk Nevernight!

    Also…I am left super empty after finishing the Godsgrave. I would love to hear ooks you would suggest!

  • Michelle McCorkle

    Where can we send books that we’d like to have autographed? =)

  • Chloe Murdoch

    Jay! Just finished reading Lifel1k3 and it just became one of my favourite books ever. As soon as I was done I had to find your website and tell you. It had me laughing in the food court when I took my work breaks – totally didn’t get strange looks at all. I can’t wait to read the sequel, I’ll do my best to see you in Briabane in 2019!

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