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Inquiry: Who has two thumbs and two boxes full of ILLUMINAE author copies? Conclusion: This little black duck. That’s who. . . . (Read More)

The Book of Faces

So I’m not sure if you beautiful folks are aware of this, but I thought I’d share since Facebook isn’t . . . (Read More)

License to ILL

I’ve got some more ILLUMINAE updates for you folks because this book has consumed my life lately in all the . . . (Read More)

The making of: ILLUMINAE ARCs

Hello droogs, Excitement afoot! My legion of flying monkeys has informed me the first ARCs of ILLUMINAE have made it . . . (Read More)

Ten good reasons to co-author a book

. I used to blog about writing, because that’s what you do when you’re an author but you don’t have . . . (Read More)

On Awards and validation

. Hello droogies! It’s been an ice age since I posted, I know. I’m shit, I know. Shaddap. Life’s been . . . (Read More)

After the Prom

. I’m still in the edit cave on Stormdancer 2 atm, but it’s been weeks since I posted anything bloggish, . . . (Read More)

A quick dose of awesome

Quick one this week to share some cool to absolutely frackin’ amazing stuff. I do this in point form, because . . . (Read More)