The Book of Faces

So I’m not sure if you beautiful folks are aware of this, but I thought I’d share since Facebook isn’t all that great at spreading the word about its own functionality.
The facey lair of Lord Zuckerberg has been shrouded in dank shrouds of dank, shroudy mystery for a while now, and most authors I know don’t really bother with it as a social media platform anymore. Not only does the Tome of Face-ishness seem oh so very Naughties, but it’s just not all that great for getting the word out about your warez, as opposed to Twitter or Tumblr or Tinder (omg all these T words) or whatever it is the cool kids are using this week.
One of the reasons companies and content creators are fleeing like virginal 16 year old protagonists in the presence of hockey-mask-wearing mass-murderers is that the Grimoire of Facery actually doesn’t show you the output all of the pages you want to see in your feed. Meaning that, just because you’ve officially Liked a writer or artist or interpretive dance master, doesn’t mean you’ll actually see what they write (unless you go looking for it). See, if you did, Zuckerberg and Co wouldn’t be able to make that sweet, sweet moolah off people/companies who want to “boost” their posts. El oh el.
There’s now a shiny new option in your News Feed Preferences that allows you to declare undying allegiance to your fave Pages and People and ensure you see MOST of the crappola they put on the Codex of Faceypants. So if you enjoy my particular brand of crappola, you now have the option of guaranteeing you get a bowlful almost every day.
First of all, if you still do the Manual of Facerinos thing and haven’t Liked me (waaaaa, why you no like me) my Facebook page can be found here.

The option you need to check is SEE FIRST. It can be found in your News Feed Prefs, and looks like this:
11863406_893372370741135_125995704311136300_nAfter clicking this option for my page of 100% badassery and profanity, you should be confronted with my crappola (or whichever brand of crappola you prefer) in your feed almost daily. Won’t that be fun?
QUICK ILLUMINAE NEWS – for those asking, that big news I promised a few weeks back is still coming. It’s just taking it’s time getting here. But it’ll be worth it when it does, I promise 🙂
That is all, as you were.

6 Responses to “The Book of Faces”

  1. Kayla Beck says:

    That picture is terribly disturbing. I think I’m going to have nightmares.

  2. Coolness, except the option to unfollow A Perfect Circle. Ppphhhtt!

  3. Vane J. says:

    çthe picture you used is utterly creepy. O_O It’s going to haunt me! Lol, I love this: “100% badassery and profanity” XD

  4. Reblogged this on Cassandra Page and commented:
    If you want to reliably see what I’m up to on the Book of Faces, then Jay Kristoff has the good oil on how to do it. My Facebook page is here!

  5. Agreed. According to my experience in running a Facebook Page for my bookstore for more than 2 years, the organic reach of the published posts is getting lower and lower unless you pay to boost the post.
    P/S: The image used is a bit disturbing though. Haha.

  6. Josh dV says:

    I don’t do FB anymore but this is a good bit to know.
    BtW Where is that but of Illuminae news?
    BtBtW (By the By the Way?) Slasher Girls and Moster Boys showed up today!!! Yay!

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