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Illuminae Ray V6FrontOnlyA2A_V3.inddHello droogs!
Well, it’s 17 days until ILLUMINAE hits bookshelves all over the English-speaking world, and I’m as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, as some old crusty bastard who wasn’t my grandfather no doubt used to say.
BUT, today is the kick off of the ILLUMINAE blog tour! Over the next month, you’ll be able to find Amie and I pimping our warez all over the web, talking about the creation of ILLUMINAE, the production process, our inspirations, plans for the series, a bunch of behind the scenes stuff, and of course, GIVEAWAYS.
Click the links below for as much ILLUMINAE goodness as you can possibly stomach in a single lunar cycle, and much love to all the awesome bloggers helping to spread the word!
Oct 1The Fandom. Interview and giveaway
Oct 1Compulsive Reader. Review and giveaway
Oct 1Uppercase Box. Audiobook clip and giveaway.
Oct 2YAReads. Review
Oct 2Books With Bite. Review
Oct 3Addicted 2 Novels. Giveaway
Oct 4Brittany’s Book Rambles. Review and giveaway
Oct 5Icey Books. Review
Oct 5Fantastic Flying Book Club. Review and giveaway
Oct 6Ex Libris. Review and giveaway
Oct 7My Friends are Fiction. Review and giveaway
Oct 7Cuddlebuggery. Guest post
Oct 8YA Interrobang. Interview and giveaway
Oct 8JessaBella Reads. Interview and giveaway
Oct 9A Reader of Fiction. Review and giveaway
Oct 9The Ravenous Reader. Giveaway
Oct 10Good Books & Good Wine. Review and giveaway
Oct 10The Reader Bee. Review and giveaway
Oct 11The Reading Nook Review. Review
Oct 11The Eater of Books! Giveaway
Oct 12Novel Heartbeat. Review and giveaway
Oct 12Two Chicks on Books. Interview
Oct 13A Dream Within A Dream. Review and giveaway
Oct 14The Starry-Eyed Revue. Guest post
Oct 15Supernatural Snark. Interview
Oct 15Unofficial Addiction Book. Review
Oct 16Xpresso Reads. Guest post and giveaway
Oct 16Rainy Day Ramblings. Review and giveaway
Oct 17Effortlessly Reading. Review and giveaway
Oct 17Page Turners. Interview
Oct 18Mundie Moms Books Review. Review
Oct 18SFF World. Guest post
Oct 19Chapter By Chapter. Review
Oct 19Confessions of a Vi3tbabe. Review and giveaway
Oct 20Novel Novice. Review
Oct 20Nightly Reading. Review
Oct 21Live to Read. Review and giveaway
Oct 21My Bookish Ways. Interview and giveaway
Oct 22SF Signal. Guest post
Oct 22SciFiChick. Review and giveaway
Note: Some of these later dates are a little up in the air atm, so check back later in the month for final confirmation. but as you can see, we’re giving away a veritable ass-ton of books so chances are no matter where or when you lob up, there will be goodies for you to grab.


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  1. Josh dV says:

    Very very excited! I will definitely be hitting up the blogs and proclaiming the awesomeness to come.

  2. Josh dV says:

    Reblogged this on itsnotintothinking and commented:
    Good news for sci-fi fans new and old alike.

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