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Droogs! It’s that time of year when we get to do some good, and considering the Faroe Grind is on right now (go read about it) doing some good isn’t a bad idea.

It’s time for my annual charity giveaway!

The rules are simple, the winner random, but together, we can raise some $ for an amazing cause. Last year, we raised $15,000+, and this year, I know we can do better.



Here’s the prize:
🦇 1 x Goldsboro edition of Empire of the Vampire (silver w/purple edges – these sold out in hours and are now worth *checks ebay* wow, a lot apparently)
🦇 1 x Full Color EotV print set, signed and numbered by moi.
🦇 1 x Italian full color EotV artbook (this was a preorder in 🇮🇹, can’t get ‘em any more)
🦇 1 x @litjoycrate NEVERNIGHT Collector’s Edition (I know those are NN paperbacks in the pic, I don’t have my LJC copies yet)

A feast of Kristoff, worth over 1,000 buckeroos! To win, you must:

1. Like this post

2. Comment below, tagging someone who you think would be interested.

3. Donate to my fave charity, the mighty @seashepherd via this link. IMPORTANT: ONLY use this link, coz that’s how we track your entries.
🦇 A donation of $1.00 will net 1 entry into the draw.
🦇 A donation of $5.00 will net 5 entries.
🦇 You can donate more than 5 bucks if you like, but you’ll get 5 entries, max. But please give more if you can because Sea Shepherd are basically Chaotic Good pirates and are fucking amazing.
🦇 I will match all donations combined, up to a limit of $5,000.

That’s it! No screenshots or entry mail required, @seashepherd are logging your entry via the link provided. 🐳🤘🏻


Sea Shepherd have spent over 40 years fighting on the frontline of marine conservation. There is no organization in the world doing more to safeguard the future of the world’s oceans.

You can follow the Shepherd and learn about their amazing work at @seashepherd and @seashepherdaustralia . Remember:


Good luck!

7 Responses to “Charity Giveaway”

  1. Kit says:

    Uhhh…can my antisocial self who is not on social media still enter or do I have to accept that this is out of my reach (I’ve donated, because dead oceans = bad, but I would also like the opportunity to get some of that gorgeous EotV/NN merch please and thank you)

  2. Seward Davis says:

    Let’s goooo

  3. I absolutely love everything you write. I have not read the “Storm Dancer” trilogy yet, but I am looking forward to it. I have had a ton of conversations about you and the stupid “woke” political people. Using a Jewish name in one of the “Nevernight” books is not a crime but in the USA you would think it was. I’m looking forward to learning more about the “Sea Shepherd” charity, as it sounds incredible. I’m not able to donate much, as I live on Social Security, but 5 dollars is not too much and our ocean’s are worth it. I often wonder what kind of world my grandchildren and great grandchildren will inherit. This giveaway is incredible and I am looking forward to seeing how much money this raises! Thanks Kristoff, for initiating this giveaway!

  4. Richard Moore says:

    Love the first book in the Empire of Vampires series. I too dont belive in happy wnding and prefer stores we sweat & bitter ending as it more reflects reality. You cant have your cake and eat it, the hero doesnt always get the girl. Fab stuff!

  5. Lesly says:

    Good luck all!

  6. Nathalie Jacques says:

    Such a beautiful idea!!! Thank you so much for this giveaway ! My friend @lystilman might be interested!

  7. Cameron Walton says:

    Hi Jay, long time fan of your writing.
    I’m just wondering how you see the split between Sea Shepherd and Captain Paul Watson who started Sea Shepherd but who has been ousted by the board.
    Sea shepherd have always actively intervened against illegal fishers and all enemies of the ocean on behalf of its myriad of occupants by putting their bodies on the line but the newly elected board wants to stop this sort of activism in favour of diplomatic methods.
    Much like Greenpeace which the venerable Captain was also part of in its early days.
    The success that Sea Shepherd has had over the years is because of their physical presence in fighting the rape and pillage of our oceans and their independence from governments is surely going to be compromised by this decision to curtail these controversial but effective measures.
    Captain Watson is now starting again by building a new organisation from the ground up, purchasing vessels and building a new crew of volunteers to man them.

    What are your thoughts on this situation?


    Cameron Walton

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