Pledge Day!

Mortals! The four vampire bloodlines tempt thee with dark rewards in return for thy fealty eternal!

To go into the running to win one of FOUR UK ARCs, personalized and signed by me *and* the dark lady Monolime, you must:

  • Pledge allegiance to one of the four bloodlines on your Insta, FB or Twitter, ie “I pledge allegiance to the Blood XXXX”
  • Include the crest of the bloodline you have sworn to (grab them from beloowwwwww)
  • Include the #EotV and #PledgeDay hashtags
  • Win!

This competition is open internationally. Winners will be chosen by RNG and notified via they platform they entered by. Comp ends midnight, AEST, 31 August

Who will you bleed for?

3 Responses to “Pledge Day!”

  1. Ethan Kritkausky says:

    I will bleed for Ilon!

  2. Erika says:

    When people talk about their favourite books, movies, TV shows, art they always have excitement and glint of pure happines in their eyes. I always envied those people because I never liked something that I could LIKE LIKE for the rest of my life, always rushing to a new thing, new book, new movie, new TV show at the moment. Fucking finally I found something for myself that’s mine. I’ll probably obsess about it until my non-vampire heart stops beating. Thank you for that!!!!

  3. Tina Tucker says:

    Your vampire book was amazing!!

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