Inexplicable positivity

A Thing

So my partner in crime and I are busy zooming around the US of A on the ILLUMINAE tour, and . . . (Read More)

Launch Day

So here we are. Two and a half years is a long time. Two and half years is the blink . . . (Read More)


Inquiry: Who has two thumbs and two boxes full of ILLUMINAE author copies? Conclusion: This little black duck. That’s who. . . . (Read More)

Sydney/Perth Supanova

. I have returned from the goliath of nerdfests that is Supanova with hide intact, and only a mild case . . . (Read More)

After the Prom

. I’m still in the edit cave on Stormdancer 2 atm, but it’s been weeks since I posted anything bloggish, . . . (Read More)

3… 2… 1… LAUNCH

. Alright, this will probably be an epic length post, apologies in advance. STORMDANCER has now officially launched in the . . . (Read More)

Inexplicable Positivity

. I’m going to do something a little different today and be positive. I know I’m all about the swearing . . . (Read More)

STORMDANCER UK cover reveal

. In case y’all missed it, the 100% official cover for the UK edition of STORMDANCER got launched yesterday over . . . (Read More)