Hello all, Happy NY and all that jazz. I’ve been slacker than a slacker’s slack bits about blogging lately, but . . . (Read More)

French STORMDANCER cover!

. Another quick one! I just wanted to share the AWESOME that is the French cover for STORMDANCER! The cover . . . (Read More)

Throw a Snaga on the barbie, maaaaate

. (that headline is Australian for “place a sausage on the hot plate, my friend”. Yeah, “snagga” is Oz for . . . (Read More)

David Gemmell Legend Award

. Beautiful people! The next round of voting for the David Gemmell awards is now open. For those of you . . . (Read More)

Praying for Rain

. Real quick update today, folks. I’m currently spanking the scantily clad buttocks of my KINSLAYER edits, and will hopefully . . . (Read More)

Just… stuff

. Very quick one this week, but some cool news. The LOTUS WAR trilogy has just sold in Brazil to . . . (Read More)

Moar Loots

. If you’re just here to win the free Rothfuss books and don’t care about anything else, head to the bottom of . . . (Read More)


So my Last ARC contest was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done on this blog – not because it . . . (Read More)