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Hello all,

Happy NY and all that jazz. I’ve been slacker than a slacker’s slack bits about blogging lately, but I’m going to try to be a little better this year, I do solemnly swear. In the meantime, here’s some photos from the ENDSINGER launch party.

I held it in conjunction with Amie Kaufman and the launch of her new book THIS SHATTERED WORLD (co-written with the awesome Meg Spooner). In case you didn’t know, Amie and I have written a sci fi series together, the first book of which comes out this August, and it’s gonna knock you out of your shoes.

Meantime, pics! Much love the wonderful and talented AmberLousie Hart for shooting for us! And thanks to everyone who came along and made it such and awesome night!

201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -001

The goods

201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -003

The guilty parties

201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -006

Useful for door-stopping, hurling at rowdy children, lighting fires on cold winter nights.

201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -008


201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -010

More peoples 🙂

201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -013

To the wrong place, you may have come, perhaps

201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -014

Teh lewts

201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -017


201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -021

More speeching

201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -022

Books and booze. WINNNNNNING

201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -023

The pretty

201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -025

That’s quite a line 😛

201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -030

Um, how do you spell Jay again . . .

201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -032


201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -036

Still waaaaaaiting….

201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -042

Shameless plug for the awesome folks at Dymocks. Thanks for having us!

201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -047

I apparently said something funny here. Someone call Guinness.

201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -048

You know what they about guys with big books…

201411212014-11-21 - Endsinger Book Launch -052

Me and the lady who makes it possible



ENDSINGER – Prologue

he thing inside their mother wanted out.

Swollen and heavy as stone, Lady Sun fell westward into the waiting oceans. A chill followed her descent, coiled in the mountain shadows, creeping towards the dusty little farm and its withered fields. The wind brought the brittle bite of approaching winter, the vapour from the deadlands stirring like a lover at its touch, rippling with the sound of their mother’s screams.

Tetsuo and Hikita crouched together in the dirt, all grubby faces and threadbare rags. The children had fled the house when the noise became too much. Their mother’s agonized cries had reduced little Tetsuo to tears, and Hikita took his younger brother’s hand and led him out into the dark and quiet. Hikita knew he must be strong. He was the man now. Thin shoulders only ten summers old, carrying the weight of his family and the weight of the world.

Their neighbour had arrived with the midwife, and now the women clustered about the bed as Mother wailed, stepping outside only to dash buckets of red water onto cracked earth, or wring bloody rags between their fingers. Hikita would watch them then, his eyes hidden behind soot-smeared glass, black and empty as the dusk above their heads.

He knew what another mouth meant for his family. Knew their pitiful stead wouldn’t have enough good earth left next season to feed three, let alone four. But the baby was coming, whether he willed it or not. There was nowhere else for it to go, after all.

Tetsuo stabbed at the ashen earth with a stick. The blood lotus crop around them swayed and rolled, voices whispering in the husk-dry leaves.

‘Do you think it will be another boy?’

‘Only the Maker knows,’ Hikita replied.

‘I would like a sister.’

‘I would like the cur who put that baby in her to be at her side. I would like Father to still be alive.’ Hikita scowled, climbing to his feet. ‘Like has nothing to do with life.’

He stared at the Tōnan Mountains to the west; jagged fists raised against the setting sun. Between Hikita’s feet and those stone roots, miles of deadlands stretched into the dark – cracks in the earth running twenty feet deep, wreathed in choking fog. Through the fumes, he could see a broken wagon here, a collapsed barn there. Farmsteads run to ruin, swallowed by the blackness spreading from the Stain. He knew somewhere in those mountains loomed First House, the heart of Guild power in Shima. The ones who fed the lotus with the blood of roundeyes, or so the radio sometimes said. The ones who were bleeding this land dry for the sake of fuel and flowers.

Sometimes, when the sky-ships flew overhead, the windows would rattle and little Tetsuo would wake from his sleep, thinking demons were rising from the Hells. But Hikita knew the oni had better things to do than trouble the sleep of foolish boys. The Endsinger’s children dwelled below the earth, deep in the Yomi Underworld. It was men who stained the clouds in their roaring machines. Men who turned the sky to red, the land to ashes, the rain to black. Not demons. Not gods. Just men.

A trembling wail split the dusk, Mother shrieking, throat raw. Hikita scowled again, lifted his kerchief and spat. Brother or sister, it didn’t matter. He’d hate that child. Hate it as he hated its father, with his smooth talk and smoother smile. A dog who took advantage of a widow’s loneliness, left her in dishonour, a bastard in her belly. He’d kill him if he saw him again. Show him that though they lived on the Stain’s edge, in the poorest lands in all the seven islands of Shima, they were still Ryu clan. The blood of Dragons still flowed in their veins.

The windows began rattling and Hikita looked up, expecting to see a Guild sky-ship lumbering out of the dusk. But the sky was an empty, fading red, scabbed with storm clouds. The rattling intensified, the earth trembling so violently he fell to his knees. Tetsuo crawled across the bucking soil, a great belly-sore rumble beneath them. The brothers held each other as the island shook, Tetsuo crying out in fear.

‘Another earthquake?’

The fifth in as many weeks. The rumbling stilled, choking slowly, until the skitter of rotten earth into the deadlands fissures was the only noise. A thin cry began; a newborn’s first bewildered plea as it was dragged from bloody warmth into this world of men. Kicking and screaming.

‘It’s here!’ Tetsuo cried, the tremors forgotten.

He slipped from Hikita’s embrace and dashed into the house, dirty heels beating the verandah like drums. Hikita stood slowly, listening to the hungry wails from their newest mouth. He could hear his mother crying, the joy in her voice as she called for him to come meet his new sister. And the boy shook his head and licked the ashes from his lips, looking across the tall stalks of blood lotus to the desolation around the mountain’s feet.

He blinked. Squinted in the gloom.

Tiny lights. Blood-red. A pair, shining between the lotus fronds. The crunch of little feet in dead leaves and deader earth. Hikita peered into the dark, the wails of his new sibling filling his ears. The deadlands fumes were an oil-thick shadow, rippling like black water. The lotus stalks bent gently – something moving through the crop – and the tiny lights flickered out, once, twice, winking like the long lost stars in the skies overhead.

No, not winking, he realized.


A figure shuffled from the stalks, covered in black earth and ashes. It stood two feet high, but its arms hung long and low, back bent as it shuffled forward and snuffled at the air. Its eyes were scarlet, casting a bloody light over heavy brows, hairless skull, swollen lips. It saw the boy, lips splitting into an idiot grin like a toddler who’d just found a new playmate. But its teeth were yellowed fangs, tusks protruding from its lower jaw, and Hikita realized that beneath the mask of dirt and ash, its skin was midnight blue.

Uh-uuhhhhhhhh,’ it said, holding out its arms.

Hikita’s eyes were fixed on the talons set in those grasping fingers, sharp as katana.

Gn-uhhhhh . . .’

‘Oni,’ he breathed. ‘Lord Izanagi save me.’

The demon flinched at the Maker God’s name, eyes growing bright and wide. It loped forward, knuckles dragging in the earth, a shriek of rage spilling from crooked fangs.

Hikita screamed. Screamed with his sister, here on her birthing day in the shadow of those broken peaks, amidst the rot creeping like a cancer across the island’s skin. Screamed as if it were his final breath. As if it were all he was, and all he ever would be.

As if the world itself was ending.


ENDSINGER releases November 25, 2014.

You can pre-order your copy here:

Barnes & Noble






Book Depository



Endsinger_BlogHeader_600x200[1][2][1]Hello droogs!

It’s less than a month until ENDSINGER hits shelves in the US, UK and Aus/NZ! Hope you’re all looking forward to it like a drunken fratboy looks forward to the next installment of HALO.

Below, you’ll find a list of the absolutely awesome folks who are hosting stops on the ENDSINGER blog tour. There’s a whole bunch of reviews, interviews, giveaways and general Endsingery madness going on over the month of November, so make sure you check back all regular like.

10/29, Wednesday: Rainy Day Ramblings
10/31, Friday: I Smell Sheep
11/3, Monday: Kindle and Me
11/5, Wednesday: Chapter by Chapter
11/6, Thursday: A Backwards Story
11/10, Monday: Fantasy Book Critics
11/12, Wednesday: Mundie Moms
11/13, Thursday: Cuddlebuggery
11/14, Friday: A Reader of Fictions
11/17, Monday: Laurisa Reyes blog
11/18, Tuesday: Imaginary Reads
11/19, Wednesday: Vampire Book Club
11/20, Thursday: Fantasy Faction
11/21, Friday: SF Signal
11/22, Saturday: The Punkettes
11/24, Monday: My Bookish Ways
11/25, Tuesday: Tor
11/25, Tuesday: Jean BookNerd
11/26, Wednesday: Novel Heartbeat
11/27, Thursday: A Dream Within a Dream
11/29, Saturday: Nazish Reads
12/1, Monday: Chapter by Chapter
12/2,  Tuesday: BOOK NERD CANADA
12/3, Wednesday: We Fancy Books
12/4, Thursday: Fiction Fare
12/6, Saturday: TTC Books and More
12/7, Sunday: Scott Reads It!
12/8, Monday: Jenna Does Books
I’ve got details on a pre-order giveaway going up on the blog tomorrow, so check back in then!
Hope you all enjoy ENDSINGER! If early reviews are anything to go by, you might want to bring tissues. Just sayin’. 🙂

Photo Contest – winners and honorable mentions


The ENDSINGER photo contest is finitooooo, and a big THANK YOU to all you awesome folks who sent in entries (winners have been notified by mail and ARCs are winging their way to you as we speak . . . type . . . whatever). Sadly, I only had 5 ARCs to give away, but I’m going to post some honorable mentions below too, because my shields cannot repel awesome of this magnitude.

Big hugs to everyone who took part. My mighty heart is breaking.

There are some more entries over on my Facebook page, too.

Remember, ENDSINGER is available for pre-order at the linkies below. Every pre-order is like giving me a big, slightly uncomfortable hug.

Barnes & Noble






Book Depository

Nobody understood this one but ME Sheep looks confused Better than TolkienAWEEEESOME  THERE ARE NO PANDAS IN JAPAN Poor pie :( Read this, you will.

Bunny knows his stuff Pretteh 3So cute it makes me puke

Surprise ARCs!



This contest is open internationally.

You’d think after a couple of years of being a published author, you’d have a handle on the lingo. When you start off, you’re all “What’s a first pass page? Is that a book that tries to drunkenly hit on you in a bar?” and “Line edits? You do rails of blow then do your re-read? Does that not lead to mistakes being made?” and whatnot. But after a couple of years, you feel like you should at least have a handle on the basics.

Not so, apparently.

The problem is that different publishing houses (and therefore, different colleagues) use different terms for the same thing. For example, ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) are also called “Bound Proofs”. They are also called “Galleys”. In my mind though, they’ll always be ARCs, so when my editor mails me and says  “Hey, we’re mailing you out some galleys of ENDSINGER next week” my tiny dinosaur brain concludes that finished copies are on the way, and yay team.

And then a box of actual galleys turns up on my doorstep, and I’m all “holy shit, we’re doing ARCs for this book?

Most 3rd books don’t get ARCs, see. Publishers figure it’s not worth the cost of production, since 3rd books in series already have a certain level of guaranteed readership based on the previous two books, and people aren’t likely to buy the first two books AFTER getting an ARC of the 3rd and saying “damn, that was cool, I wonder what the FUCK was going on – I’d better read the first two books so I can make sense of it all“. BUT, apparently I’m special and get ARCs for book 3. SPESHUUUUULLLLL.

Thing is, now I have a bunch of ARCs to give away.

So, first off, I’m gonna give two of em away as consolation prizes for my ENDSINGER WIDGET contest. So, book bloggers, if you haven’t started pimping my shit, go to!



How am I going to hand out the phat lewts? With a photo contest!

Here’s what you do

  • Take a photo of your copy of STORMDANCER (or KINSLAYER). Make it as cool as you like – shaking hands with Omar from the Wire (he strollin’), rescuing screaming children from a burning orphanage, propping up your wobbly table, whatever.
  • Yes, you can use photoshop (see the pic above). You don’t have to – if you wanna shoot your SD just sitting on your shelf chilling next to GRRM or in the lap of an adorable child or just somewhere cool around your hometown, this is all good – I love seeing cool places I’ve never been. Whatever you want to do is cool with me – knock yourself out, my friends!
  • Send me the photo at Please include your mailing address in case you win!
  • Competition closes 1st of September. That’s a little under two weeks – if you need an extension because you’re headed to Mars or something on the 2nd, shoot me an email. Because SD being the first book on Mars would be pretty sweet.

That’s it! I’ll pick my five faves and post em on FB and send out the lewts to the winners in early September.

Have fun, peoples!



Hello droogies,

Alrighty, as per the usual drill, I have some more ENDSINGER artwork for you – iPhone & iPad wallpapers, plus a couple of desktop backgrounds. BAM.

BUT, before you check them out, you still have a few days to enter the ENDSINGER uber-giveaway. There’s an ENTIRE set of signed Lotus War novels up for grabs. ALL details about the giveaway can be found HERE.

And here are individual pre-order retailer links for ENDSINGER:

Barnes & Noble




Indiebound (site is down atm, wtffff)

and if you really have to (though maybe you shouldn’t)


Book Depository

Without further foreplay, I give you the pretty.