A cordial invitation

Hello droogs, So this is a weird one to write, because it seems to be a sensitive issue for some . . . (Read More)

Why you should see JUPITER ASCENDING

Basically, because it’s bad. And I mean terrible. I saw it last weekend, and it’s a clusterfuck of epic proportions. . . . (Read More)

Newsflash: the Firefly guys were villains

  Update: I’m told there was Cracked vid posted late last year that covered this same topic. And here I . . . (Read More)

Amazon, Hachette, and flaming bullshit

. Beautiful people, a moment of your time, if you will. I won’t bang on at length about this (there . . . (Read More)

To Pimp or not to pimp

. Firstly let me acknowledge the obvious: This blog is an ad for my books. My twitter feed? An ad. . . . (Read More)

Bubblegum and Superman

. So Orson Scott Card, renowned science fiction author, Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy and Locus award winner and all-round homophobic . . . (Read More)


. Some stonkingly awesome news broke yesterday that folks might have missed given the current volume of the book blogosphere, . . . (Read More)


. I was loitering at a bar with a writer colleague the other day, and at some point during my . . . (Read More)