Australian readers – take note

  Hello Droogs, I’m taking a moment away from the usual brand of shenanigans and tomfoolery that plagues the pages . . . (Read More)


Hello droogs! Today, I have the distinct pleasure of revealing two of the AMAZING maps created for my new epic . . . (Read More)

Signed NEVERNIGHT pre-orders

Droogs! I bring squee-inducing news! Turns out my US publishers are incredibly excited about the release of NEVERNIGHT, and want . . . (Read More)

New Book Deal

Note: holy shit, I just figured out I can put animated gifs in here. THIS BLOG WILL NEVER BE THE . . . (Read More)

GEMINA cover reveal!!!1!1!!11

  Hello droogs! As promised, Yours Truly and my partner in crime, Amie K for Kaufman, are revealing the cover . . . (Read More)

I get asked this question a lot

And despite the picture, I’m not billing myself as some kind of little green jedi master in the art of . . . (Read More)


Hello Droogs, As per usual, I’m putting out some NEVERNIGHT desktop images in case you folks wanted to decorate your . . . (Read More)

NEVERNIGHT cover reveal!

Hello droogs! I’m very chuffed to be presenting the cover reveal for my new fantasy series, NEVERNIGHT, with the help . . . (Read More)