Hello Droogs,
As per usual, I’m putting out some NEVERNIGHT desktop images in case you folks wanted to decorate your phones or tablets with the awesome stabbiness that is this cover. I’m also including the original Jason Chan artwork without the amazeballs typography, just in case your life is amazeballs enough already.
(The cat made of shadows you can see on the left hand side will appear on the spine of the book, and be explained in the pages. But he’s not really a cat at all.)
You can pre-order NEVERNIGHT at the following links:
Amazon/Barnes&Noble/Indiebound/Powells/Book Depository
And remember, the cover pimp competition runs until 10 February. Big scary hugs to everyone who’s already helped to spread the word.
Right click to embiggen the images, then save to your heart’s content.
iPad (these are square to accommodate your screen orientation in both landscape and portrait format)
Cover full type ipad
Cover no type
iPhone 6
Cover full type iphone6
Cover no type iphone6
iPhone 5
Cover full type iphone5
Cover no type iphone5

4 Responses to “NEVERNIGHT Desktops”

  1. Roel says:

    How about a 1080 pic for our computer desktops…please?

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  3. Andreea says:

    Hey there! Will be the “Darkdawn” wallpapers available too?
    Keep up the good work!
    Mia is addictive <3

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