NEVERNIGHT special editions

The Map of Bones Francesca Haig 7th April 2016
I bring some awesome news of the bookish kind.
There are going to be not one, but TWO special hardback versions of the UK edition of NEVERNIGHT.
The first:

  • A signed, numbered edition with blood red page edges, available from Goldsboro. This edition is available in extremely limited quantities – there are only 250 going to be made, EVER.
    If this sounds like your jam, you can preorder this edition from Goldsboro now:
    Again, there are only 250 of these things and they’re selling VERY fast, so you might wanna order now to save sadpants later.
    And yes, Goldsboro have international shipping.

The second:

  • An uber edition with black page edges. These will be available from another UK store (I can’t reveal deets until Monday). They will be produced in limited quantities, but they won’t be signed. Just way more metal than the regular edition.

That’s the only news on the 2nd edition I can give for now, but more details soon, I promise. The pics above give you a rough idea how they look – these are low res, but I’ll have better pics soon, along with full artwork for the jacket of the UK hardback edition – it looks amaaaaaaazing.
Also, on top of all this, remember, all US Editions of NEVERNIGHT come signed.
Amazon/Barnes&Noble/Indiebound/Powells/Book Depository
So you peeps are spoiled for choice!

5 Responses to “NEVERNIGHT special editions”

  1. Rachel says:

    Will there be a limited Australian edition too? (Or has this already been covered?)

  2. Tammy says:

    Just bought one! 😀

  3. OH HECK YES *orders immediately* Now I’ll have a signed US edition AND a signed special UK edition! Whoop! And of course I’ll be ordering the pretty black paged book too XD (Also I got a call from Wright Patt fraud prevention following my order from Goldsboro, oops lmao!)

  4. Elizabeth Cummings says:

    OMG – My birthday is tomorrow, so I decided to treat myself to the Goldsboro edition! So. Flipping. Excited. Especially since UK covers always seem so much cooler 🙂

  5. Krista Schwabe says:

    The combo of the magnificent crow and the RED pages–plus your Sig of course, and this mom from USA had to snag a copy, yay me! Congrats, I can’t wait to see this beauty!!

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