LIFEL1K3 pre-order offerrr!

Map and marks

Hello droogs!

The LIFEL1K# pre-order is now live for folks in the US! To get your sticky booky hands on a full color map of the Yousay by the amazing Virginia Allyn and four brill LIFEL1K3 bookmarks with illustrations by the incredibly talented Mona May, all you need to is:

1. Pre order LIFEL1K3 (Amazon/Barnes&Noble/Indiebound/Powells/Book Depository/ it doesn’t matter from where, just get a receipt)

2. Head to and search for “Lifel1k3”. Or better yet, just click HERE.

3. Enter your details and upload your receipt.

4. Profit.

A quick FAQ:


Is this only for US residents?
Yep, sorry. Australian residents will be able to pick up this loot by coming along to one of Jay’s tour stops in May!

Does it matter where I pre-order?
Nope. Local indie, big chain, wherever you like. Just get a receipt.

What if I pre-order the audiobook or e-book?
That works too. Thanks!

What the flaming hells is this book about?
Check the blurb here.

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Dave Grohl?

So that’s three books you’re bringing out this year? Do you ever sleep?
Jay actually sleeps all day. In reality, his books are written by Jays stolen from an alternate reality. “Real” Jay keeps us locked in his basement, somebody please call the police . . . oh god, HE’S COMING DOWN THE STAIRS, HEL—

4 Responses to “LIFEL1K3 pre-order offerrr!”

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  2. Nicole Zamudio says:

    I pre-ordered the book and posted my reciepf and everything but it’s been past 5 weeks since the pre-order ended and I haven’t received anything. Please let me know how I should proceed.

  3. Angelina S. says:

    Woo I loved this book 20/10, found it in my public library and its frickin amazing, cant wait for the next one, and hot damn that was a plot twist!!

  4. Allie Melin says:

    Will these be able to be ordered in Canada at any point?

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