GOLDSBORO Special Edition


I promised news as soon as I had it, and now I has it, Precious.
The Goldsboro Special Edition of GODSGRAVE will

  • have blue sprayed edges (matches the sun, oooooo)
  • be signed by yours truly
  • be hand numbered and STRICTLY limited

These special editions go on sale on the evening of Friday June 16 (UK time)

They are strictly limited in number, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Goldsboro are also putting on a limit of one special edition per household.
Click here for the special edition page.

7 Responses to “GOLDSBORO Special Edition”

  1. Pili says:

    *cat-got-the-cream smile*
    Will you be adding doodles randomly in some of these too??

  2. Is this gonna be the only special edition or is there gonna be one for Waterstones book shops like there was for Nevernight?

  3. Jazmin Jade says:

    Because an exact time was not give, I shall stay up all night just refreshing the page. According to google its currently just after 10am in the UK and its just after 7pm in AUS…. Im going to be refreshing for awhile! Its so going to be worth it though.

  4. Terrible Artist says:

    Hi! Where can we send fan art?

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