UK and Aus Droogs!
You wonderful peeps have been very patient, and lo, that patience is about to be rewarded. At long last, thanks to amazing talents of Mr Kerby Rosanes and the amazing design crew at Harper Voyager UK/Aus, I get to reveal the UK/Aus GODSGRAVE COVER.
I’m not exactly sure what I did to make the cover gods love me so much. Maybe I saved a screaming bus-load of their demigod children in a past life or something. But holy shit, this thing is awesome 😀
GODSGRAVE is now available for preorder from the following amazing stores:


Book Depository


Book Depository
Galaxy Bookshop
Readings (soon)
Full version of cover (with flaps and back copy) coming soon.
Un-animated version below.

Details about the Waterstones and Goldsboro special editions are coming soon, I promise. I know the wait is literally killing some of you, thank you for your patience!

9 Responses to “GODSGRAVE UK/Aus Cover”

  1. Yona Schuh says:

    this looks amazing

  2. *gasps* It’s… it’s beautiful

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    Oh my Goddess! Holy shit! *Adelise fans herself as her eyes roll into the back of her head. Her body drops to the floor with the heavy thud only a dead or unconscious body can. Awesomeness overload takes another victim.

  4. Pili says:

    Wait, wait… not only there’s gonna be a Goldsboro special edition, but also a Waterstones one????

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  7. Joshua Smith says:

    When is the full cover with flaps cominnggg? i’ve been refreshing this page and your twitter everyday since this was posted haha.

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