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Hello droogs!
So, as you might know, my partner in crime Amie Kaufman and I have a new book coming out this year called ILLUMINAE. You can pre-order it here if you really wuuuuv us.
Early reviews are starting to come in, authors like Marie Lu, Laini Taylor and Beth Revis are all saying excellent things about it, and some awesome bloggers seem to be really digging it too, so we are officially excited!
The first round of Advance Reader Copies have been delivered to our doors, so Amie and I figure it’s about time to give some of these beauties away. So, if you’d like to win a signed ARC of ILLUMINAE (of course you do), read on, MacDuff:
We wanted to make this easy for you guys, but give you something fun to do, too. Something simple that’d let your personality shine through. So without further ado, we present:

The first annual ILLUMINAE FILES .gif war!

To win a signed ILLUMINAE ARC, here’s what you do:

  1. Head over to the ILLUMINAE page on Goodreads.
  2. Create a gif review for the book. Obviously you haven’t read it yet, so just make some noise about how excited you are to read it (you are excited, right?).  It doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t have to have a million gifs in it. It just needs to be cool. Or funny. Or both.
  3. Tweet about the contest! eg “Want to win a signed ARC of  and  ‘s ILLUMINAE? Make with the clickies!
  4. Aaaand, you’re done.

You don’t have to mark the gif to our attention, or indicate it’s part of this contest. Never fear, Amie and I will look at all of them!
This contest will run until Monday, April 13. Amie and I will pick the coolest gif review on that day and notify the winner through Goodreads.
Have fun!

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  1. Bieke (Nelly B.) says:

    This is genius! 😀

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  3. reid says:

    the book ia on my wish list.

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    So exciting!

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