starUpdates! Updates I say!
Okay, first up. Amie and I are very chuffed to report that Kirkus, the “World’s toughest book critics” have awarded ILLUMINAE a much-coveted starred review. You can read the full review here, but here’s our favorite snippet:
This is my second star from Kirkus, who also named STORMDANCER one of the best book of 2012. So, big scary hugs to the folks at Kirkus! The check is in the mail, chums.
Second! The new trailer and a brand-spanking-new character profile for our heroes Kady Grant and Ezra Mason are up online at the splendiferous ILLUMINAE website. Every month on the 20th, we’ll be updating this site with more content for you guys to bend your peepers at, so make sure you bookmark the site or I will come to your house and stand outside your window in the rain like this.
Trivia: The voice over in the trailer is done by the same actress who’ll be voicing Kady in the ILLUMINAE audiobook, which is set to begin recording in the next week or so. She sounds awesome, and we’re super-chuffed to hear the final product 🙂
Third! The lovely folks at Mereadalot have put together a very saucy ILLUMINAE countdown widget. You can find it here, and you know, if you love us and stuff, maybe put it up on your blog.

9 Responses to “ILLUMINAE stuff”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Illuminae!!!! Went and added widget to my blog! cant wait to spread the news about your incredible book!!!!

  2. Mr. Kristoff please do not kill me with the Illuminae updates which makes me want to read it all over again and die all over again.
    The Illuminae Files Victim #1
    P.S. I’m making (a lot of) space for the widget right now.

  3. Josh dV says:

    Crazy excited! Struggling to wait for a copy to read. I will diligently obey….
    Grats on the review though those of that have read your work are not surprised.

  4. if only dear ‘murica received the copies faster…we would all be entranced by the sparkling pink cover.

  5. Aw Jay, you can stand outside my window and look like the Doctor in a non-creepy way any time you like. Speaking of creepy, that trailer. Wow.
    Also, grats on the starred review! How many days in the countdown again? 🙂

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