ILLUMINAE – Project: Global Domination

globeHello droogs,
A couple of you oh-so-awesome reader-types have been pawing at the windows and asking whether or not ILLUMINAE is being published in your neck of the woods, and it occurs to me that Amie and I have been slacker than a slacker’s slack bits about celebrating/announcing the foreign rights sales for our odd little bookthing. One of the cooler/stranger things about this job of mine is seeing the words I write being published in languages I don’t speak or in countries I’ve never visited. Amie has a neat little ritual where she goes out to dinner at a restaurant that serves cuisine from the country she’s just sold to, whereas I just tend to cackle madly, spin in circles and play some air guitar.
SO, without further dribbling, here’s a complete list of all the countries and formats ILLUMINAE has (so far) sold in, and the publishers who were nice enough to throw money at us. If your country isn’t on the list, fear not – we’ll have more to announce in the coming months!
USA: Knopf/Random House Children’s Books
Australia and New Zealand: Allen & Unwin
UK: Oneworld Publications/Rock The Boat
France: Casterman
Germany: DTV
Brazil: Novo Conceito
Spain: Random House Spain
Portugal: Random House Portugal
Turkey: Pegasus
French Canada: AdA
Audio: Listening Library
In other ILLUMINAE news, a second wave of ARCs have been printed up with the finished, fancypants acetate dust jacket and almost complete interior artwork.



Book Expo America was held last week at the Javits Center in grand old New York, and the splendid folks at Random House cooked up something super cool for the attendees. They bought out the stairs leading up from the main foyer to the 1st floor and plastered our bookthing all over it.
And LASTLY, if you haven’t heard, we have a brand spanking new website over at This site will be updated with new content, character bios, videos, schematics and all kinds of ILLUMINAE madness on the 20th of EVERY MONTH between now and October. So march like zombies!
Early reviews are starting to roll in now, and folks seem to be getting really excited about the book. We hope you are too!
Okay, that’s all the news at 11, here’s Tom with the weather.

5 Responses to “ILLUMINAE – Project: Global Domination”

  1. BarakiEl says:

    Those stairs!!! I squealed a little. ^^
    Can’t wait to read this book.

  2. Josh dV says:

    Holy shit that is amazing! The book is beautiful to look at if I can say such a thing about an inanimate object in public viewing.
    Really looking forward to wrapping my paws around that book and digging in. It really is hard to wait.
    Heading over to the website now….. If I’m I’m not back in a couple hours you take this ship and come and get me.

  3. IT GONNA BE ALSO PUBLISHED IN SPAIN??? SO COOL!!! I’ll get it only for the sheer awesomeness of it!! I don’t think I’ll re-read it in Spanish, because I plan to devour my ARC as soon as I can, maybe even tomorrow!!
    And those stairs were so damned awesomeeeee!!!

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