Book deal, babeh

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, this is not the HUGE news that I promised this week. RELAX, that’s still coming. On Wednesday in fact (Tuesday for the US). But I realized the other day that we were so goddamn busy at the time, I never actually blogged about this when it happened. And this is huge news, too.
So, for the sake of posterity and those of you who missed the announcement on Twitter/in Publishers Weekly waaaaaayyy back in May, BEHOLD:
Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.47.01 pm
Amie and I sold a new series to Random House, the amazing folks who publish the ILLUMINAE FILES and my upcoming YA series LIFEL1K3! Bang your heads, motherfuckers!

A quick FAQ about the new series:

What’s the first book called?
The working title is currently ANDROMEDA, after one of the main characters in the novel. This title could change, however. The working title for ILLUMINAE was VOID, and that sure as hell didn’t stick. So at the moment, UNTITLED is probably the safest option.
It’s another science fiction series?
Yep. Come join us. All the cool kids are doing it.
What’s the first book about?
We sold it as “the Breakfast Club goes to Star Fleet Academy”. For those of you not old enough to remember tBC, it’s basically Misfits in space.
It’s a science fiction series, set in the far future, where a ragtag group of losers, delinquents and discipline cases at a military academy end up having to save the universe – presuming they don’t kill each other first.
Is it another alternate format series like THE ILLUMINAE FILES?
Nope. There’s no sense repeating yourself.
The series will be written 1st person (which is a new thing for me). There are six main characters. We’re taking three each.
Is the story set in the ILLUMINAE universe?
Nope. The universe in the new series has a more classic space opera vibe to it. Think Star Trek or Babylon 5 – a small group of alien races, including humans, discovering  the secrets of a much wider and more dangerous universe.
But what about the rest of the ILLUMINAE FILES books?
The new series doesn’t start until 2018, after the ILLUMINAE FILES is finished. We’ve already handed in ILLUMINAE 3 to our editor. It’s in the can, friendo.
Can you tell us anything else?
We can! But we’re not going to! You have two more ILLUMINAE books and LIFEL1KE and NEVERNIGHT2 to tide you over until 2018. 🙂
God, don’t you two ever fucking sleep?
For the weak, sleep is.

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  1. Holy shit balls! And another one to add to the “I can’t wait for this one” list.

  2. Liz Brokos says:

    *cue incoherent screaming*
    This is the best news ever, tbh. ILLUMINAE is one of my favorite books of all time, and I’m so excited to read more from you two. (I’m also planning to buy NEVERNIGHT in a couple weeks, so I’m pumped for that.)
    Thank you for being awesome! 😛

  3. I read that title as 2 pieces of news…
    But this is also good! A new book deal is good!

  4. jpeters6248 says:

    Being old enough to remember Breakfast Club as it was released, this news is exciting…waiting till 2018…not so much…congrats on the deal though 🙂

  5. Awesome for you! You’re writing career just keeps better! Shows me the power to putting pen to paper..or..hand to keyboard.. EVERDAY!


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  8. marnij says:

    Awesome news! Looking forward to this!

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