Moar Loots

. If you’re just here to win the free Rothfuss books and don’t care about anything else, head to the bottom of . . . (Read More)

STORMDANCER UK cover reveal

. In case y’all missed it, the 100% official cover for the UK edition of STORMDANCER got launched yesterday over . . . (Read More)


So, I’m getting into the business end of my first draft of Stormdancer 3. Yeah, I know book 1 isn’t . . . (Read More)

A little piece of awesome

So when I finally got the cheque/check/however the hell you want to spell it for my STORMDANCER signing fee, most . . . (Read More)

State of the World Address

The bride tells me it’s been a while since I did one of these, so here’s an update on where . . . (Read More)


So a few of you might know my birthday this year fell on 11-11-11. This is apparently some really auspicious . . . (Read More)