Two Minutes Hate

Two Minutes Hate: Trailer trailers

Dear Hollywood, I like movie trailers. Even though you over-enthusiastic prats have a terrible habit of showing me all the . . . (Read More)

Two Minutes Hate – Hunger Games Nail Polish (???)

Dear China Glaze Marketing Dept, I understand that with no real point of difference to your product, you need to . . . (Read More)

Two Minutes Hate: Sonic Screwdrivers

Dear Makers of Doctor Who, I get that you write a science fiction program. I get there needs to be . . . (Read More)

Two Minutes Hate – Sexy Dwarves

Dear Peter Jackson, I’ve seen Bad Taste and Meet the Feebles. I know that beneath your Academy Award winning glitz, . . . (Read More)

Two Minutes Hate: Airline Seating

Dear Airlines, I understand that we are not a race of giants, and 6’7 can’t be considered “normal height” anywhere . . . (Read More)

Two Minutes Hate: Urinal Talkers

Dear fellow males, Please stop talking to me at urinals. Don’t even try to make eye-contact with me. Jesus wept, you’re there . . . (Read More)

Two Minutes Hate: Whitewashing

Akira is widely lauded as one of, if not THE greatest manga of all time. It’s a work of sweeping . . . (Read More)

Two Minutes Hate: Remakes

Dear Hollywood, Why do you keep taking the properties I loved as a child and sodomizing remaking them for the Halo . . . (Read More)