Where u been bro

. Hello peoples! Yes, I have been terribly, terribly slack with the bloggery over the last month. Slacker than a . . . (Read More)

It is done, therefore it is good

My editor’s notes for STORMDANCER materialized in my grimy little inbox on March 8, 2011, about six weeks after my . . . (Read More)

The Auction

When I learned about the concept of manuscripts going to auction, I always imagined a very swanky affair. Agents and Editors would turn . . . (Read More)


Update on the offer front: One House is now officially out of the race. The two remaining Houses are engaged in a bid-counterbid shootout over World . . . (Read More)


Just got my third offer on STORMDANCER. Two book deal again. Another of the “big seven” houses. I’m thinking I should . . . (Read More)


I just got a second offer on my book. Two book deal. Awesome publishing house. heh. hahah… MUAAAAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!11!! .rekcufrehtom toohs, . . . (Read More)

Can you dig it?

I just got my first offer from a big U.S publishing house. Allow me to repeat that: I JUST GOT . . . (Read More)

Making a list, checking it twice, something, something…

I should be writing about the whole getting an agent thing, and how the submission process is going. So, an . . . (Read More)