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News, such as it is

Current tally on STORM is three four fulls (edit as of the 18th, got another full request from a partial this morning) by request out in the big bad world. Still no news on COLD. One of the agents I have a full with seems to have dropped off the face of the earth and stopped tweeting. Perhaps he’s been eaten by CHUDS. The gent I’ve spoken to most is still alive and kicking though – looking forward to sending him STORM when he’s done rejecting COLD.

Ratio of queries to requests seems much better on STORM than COLD, but YA Steampunk was always gonna get more sniffs than Horror, right? I’m officially done with overthinking the ms – I’ve made my changes and chopped and re-arranged and now it’s getting beyond a joke. I’m overthinking and it’s stressing me right the fuck out. If the damn thing can’t sell itself now, I’m not sure what else I can do.

Have started tossing around ideas for the next ms. This one will be YA too, kinda sci-fi/horror. Post-apocalypse setting, and I’m having a crack at first person narrative. I’ve started playing in the MC’s voice and I dig her. Here’s hoping I can live with her for the six months. I’m going to kick off writing proper by the end of the month, we’ll see if we can have a first draft finished by January.

In other news that nobody will care about, I’ve started watching Spartacus:Blood and Sand, and despite heavy lashings of male on male nudity and the word “cock” being dropped like a bomb every 7-8 minutes, it’s actually quite cool (although the aus/kiwi accents in the ancient Roman setting are quite lolz).  The A-bomb and I are almost at the end of The Wire’s second season. S2 is kinda patchy compared to 1, but damned if I’ll keep watching it just for Omar.

“Oh, indeeeeed.”

BTW, very depressing, but excellent article on the publishing process here.

The news that my beloved A-Bomb is now once again gainfully employed was met with haiiiii fivez an immediate run to JB Hi-Fi. I’m listening to the new A7X album on nonstop rotation atm, and it rocks the fkn house. Was very bummed out to hear about the Rev’s death. The new Fear Factory album is superb, and the new Stone Sour is a red hot dose of rectal cancer. Two out of three ain’t bad.

According to my dashboard, I seem to be getting a few lurkers on this blog thing – hell if I know where they come from. Maybe they’re just spam bots or phishers.





Current wait tally on COLD:

Full #1: Requested 6th April (5 months ago, no reply on 3 month Status Request)
Full #2: Requested 6th April (5 months ago, no reply on 4 month Status Request)
Full #3: Requested 27th July (1 month ago, +3 months from Partial to Full)
Partial #1: Requested 7th May (almost 4 months ago, no reply on 3 month Status Request)
Partial #2: Requested 9th June (almost 3 months ago)
Partial #3: Requested 21st June (2 months ago)


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Storm is finished. Yowza. Came it at a clean 80k, well before my self-imposed September deadline, and I’m fucking proud of it. It feels real and fresh. We’ll see what the world thinks of it. I’ve started querying folks, the A-bomb still has to run over it with a fine-toothed comb for grammar and word/phrase repeats, but that’ll be done by the time anyone gets back to me anyway.

The query reads pretty well, I think, a good amount of ‘voice’ and a reasonable spiel on the central themes. Always hard to condense a book into a page, but hey, that’s why we make the big bucks (howls of derisive laughter, Bruce).

Still waiting on Fulls/Partials for COLD. I’ve discussed the idea of Storm with 2 of the 3 agents with Fulls and they dig it. One has asked to see Storm ASAP, the other is still only looking at COLD atm. So that’s all good. Still tired of waiting though, zzzzzz.

Watching the second season of Being Human atm – The acting is tip-top, but they seem at a complete loss with what to do with the ‘Annie’ character. Mitchell seems to get the most attention from the writers, whether that’s vampire chic or them tight jeans depends which fleece you switch, I guess. After BH is done, the A-bomb and I dive head first into five seasons of ‘The Wire’ – highly recommended by folks I trust. Expectations are haaaiiiiii.

And seriously, what da FUK is going on over at achewood?

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Yeah, that was pretty much the worst pun I could think of.

Another Full request for COLD arrived today, from the 100% excellent agent who offered me some terribly constructive criticism along with a rejection on my first fifty pages way back in… (checks gmail) late March. After I’d taken the criticism on board and received a few more requests, I decided to write the agent and offer him another look at the first 50 along with my thanks for the critique. His request for the full arrived this morning.

So I guess that means ‘no’ doesn’t always mean ‘no’. Which feels like the tagline for the new Rohypnol ad campaign, but whatever.

So, three fulls out in the big wide world now (hence the Stooges) along with four partials. Strangely enough, the trend continues: every agent who has requested a full is a male. Conspiracy? Coincidence? Cracky-talk?

Finished the Wind-up Girl finally. Writing style was 100% great, just absolutely loved his words. The story was… I’m not really sure tbh. Kinda in two minds about it. But was it better than 99% of the shit I read? Hell yes.

(Halfway through 3rd edit on Storm)

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Storm is coming

First draft on Storm is finished! 85K words, which is way too long, but it’s done. Giving to the A-bomb to read this weekend, feeling damn good about it. The ending wound up slllllightly diffferent to how I imagined, but it’s all good.

Still in query hell on Cold. Current tally is 2 Fulls and 6 Partials out in limbo. I’m getting pretty worn down by the waiting actually. People say one thing and do another. Hard to stay upbeat, checking the inbox every day and getting nothing but a new copy of Publisher’s Lunch.

Yeah, well. Whatever.

Went back to the hometown to see my Grandma put in the ground a week ago, too. Pretty hard day. I’ll miss you, Gram. You were a grand old dame.

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Bad May

So Ronny James Dio and Paul Gray are dead, coupled with Pete Steele that make it a pretty ordinary couple of months in metal. Cranking some Slipknot now to pay some respects and wondering if the band will survive. All Hope is Gone indeed.

In good news however, the new Deftones is actually pretty damn good. What I’ve heard of the new FF sounds awesome, kinda sad that Christian and Raymond aren’t in the camp anymore, but Hoglan is a fkn beast. New BFMV was a bit disappointing. Couple of good tracks, but no flying kick to the chops like Scream, Aim, Fire was.

Saw Full Scale last night, they rrrrrrrawked. This here clip is from their comeback gig. Big lug in the crowd with the baseball cap and MH tshirt is yours truly. 🙂

Storm is sitting at 68k, which means I’ve tracked 25,000 words in about 23 days, which I’m pretty proud of. Had the A-bomb read through the WIP a few days ago, and she had a little bit of a flip out about it – dunno if I caught her in a good mood or what, but the compliments were extensive, and she’s normally loathe to say anything nice in case I get a big head. But the book feels good, and its all flowing towards the conclusion neatly, only seconds from the final bell really.

Hoping to have some good news on COLD soon too, but it could just as easily head down the path to slit-wrist-ville, so keep em crossed.

Recent flicks: Moon = Great. Terminator: Salvation = steaming pile of pus. Anyone who lets that McGee clown near a camera again should be the first against the wall when Judgement Day hits. Seriously, send a T800 back in time to prevent that film ever getting made. Forget John Connor, Skynet, we’ve all got bigger fucking problems.

Open heart transplant surgery, with a ticker recently punched so hard by a t800 that it stopped beating, jump-started with a couple of wires pulled out of a wall, conducted in an open air field hospital by a bloody veterinarian. Fuck you.

Reading Farenheit 451 atm, and it’s goddamn awesome. The Windup Girl is next on the list, and I’m pretty jazzed about reading it. The short stories I’ve read from Paolo have been 100% superfly. Re-watching s4 of BSG too, and it’s brill. I might stop watching before the last 15 minutes of the final episode, and the world will be roses.

RIP Paul and Ronnie.

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Another partial request has come in, to replace the reject-a-mundo from Mr Snail Mail (which is a downer, but tbh, the vibe I got off him wasn’t the best, and anyone who’s still asking for snail mail in this day and age probably isn’t the most flexible of fellows) so there are still three irons in the fire. One in particular has proved very promising (got a mail of the “tell me about yourself” variety), but it’s all talky-talky until an offer comes in, so I’m trying not to get too worked up about it (which is hard, but hey, I’m trying).

In the meantime, I’m back working on my YA piece, and we’re sitting at the 36K mark, which is probably the halfway point. I did a complete read-through last night and it feels really good. Zero is sitting at 52K, but I’m in the head space for the YA book atm. I may even finish it before I go back to Zero. Either way, one of them will definitely be done by September unless one of these agents puts me out of my misery and offers me representation, which will mean back to re-writing Cold.

And this oil spill thing is just shit.

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