Throw a Snaga on the barbie, maaaaate

Throw another snaga on the barbie, mayte.
(that headline is Australian for “place a sausage on the hot plate, my friend”. Yeah, “snagga” is Oz for sausage, we’re a strange lot, sue us)
So, after miles uncounted and trials untold, Stormdancer’s prize for the 2013 Gemmell Awards finally arrived!
My editor in the UK was a little gun-shy about sending it via post – apparently the people in Australian customs confiscated the last one she sent down here, and I can kinda see why. This thing could put a reasonable hurting on someone if you hit ’em in the love machine with it.
You’ll be pleased to know it’s now sitting on my shelf next to a copy of SD, well out of love machine range. 😛
Thanks again to all the folks at the Gemmells. You guy are awesome 🙂

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  1. Stéphanie says:

    Congrats! Well deserved.
    They would probably confiscate it here in Canada too….

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