Another partial request has come in, to replace the reject-a-mundo from Mr Snail Mail (which is a downer, but tbh, the vibe I got off him wasn’t the best, and anyone who’s still asking for snail mail in this day and age probably isn’t the most flexible of fellows) so there are still three irons in the fire. One in particular has proved very promising (got a mail of the “tell me about yourself” variety), but it’s all talky-talky until an offer comes in, so I’m trying not to get too worked up about it (which is hard, but hey, I’m trying).
In the meantime, I’m back working on my YA piece, and we’re sitting at the 36K mark, which is probably the halfway point. I did a complete read-through last night and it feels really good. Zero is sitting at 52K, but I’m in the head space for the YA book atm. I may even finish it before I go back to Zero. Either way, one of them will definitely be done by September unless one of these agents puts me out of my misery and offers me representation, which will mean back to re-writing Cold.
And this oil spill thing is just shit.
Listening to: Pantera, Far beyond Driven (lotta dead people on rotation this month)

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