The Death of the Naughties

Happy New Year, all.
How’s that for a ridiculous moniker to strap to an entire decade, eh? “The Naughties”. Just makes you want to wheel-kick everyone who works in Marketing or Advertising right in the throat, doesn’t it? (It’s hard to wheel-kick my own throat, but lawwwd knows I try). Even-money says it’ll be a month, max, before you hear some smart-mouth on a talkshow or infomercial refer to this coming decade as the “Teenies”.
So I have returned in one piece from the second most isolated capital city in the world. Booze was drunk and food was consumed and relatives I hadn’t seen for two years were given scary six-foot-seven hugs and whatnot. Went to check out my Grandma’s house before it gets sold and torn down. Caught up with old friends, got to meet terrorize infant relations of mine that I had only seen in pictures. All in all it was pretty grand. Five days are about my limit over there, though. The older I get, the smaller it feels.
So, back into the swing now. The sequel to Stormdancer is sitting around the 47k mark, and it’s feeling really good. First act is done, sitting around the 40k mark, which means the sequel will be fatter (or phatter, as the incredibly un-hip kids say) that SD was. I’m guessing it’ll be 110k when fully cooked. I’ve just hit what I, for lack of a wittier or more literary phrase, call the “sweet spot”. This is where I start ruining all my character’s shit and the book kinda starts writing itself.
I’m not sure why, but I seem to take great delight in setting everything up for super happy fun times, and then sticking it in and breaking it off. You’d think I’d be fonder of these imaginary people I’ve created, given the amount of time I’m spending with them lately.
In publishing news: The pair of two book deals (muahahahahahaa!) are still on the table,  and we have “interest” from a third (gobsmackingly awesome) Publisher. I’m a little unsure what “interest” means, tbh. I presume it’s somewhere between an offer and a straight-shot to the baby-maker. Kind of a “don’t sell this until I get back to you” type thing. Maybe. Anyways, we shall see. The mighty Matt B says we need to have a decision made by the end of this week. So watch this space for some stupendous fkn news.
In other news, turns out you can’t post red wine (or indeed, any alcoholic beverage) to the United States. So my awesome agent and his intrepid assistant go thirsty, and the muppets have finally had their revenge for all the bad stuff I said about them.
.enasni gnikcuf si siht gnikniht ni enola ton er’uoY

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