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I have successfully braved the sweaty wilds of Brisbane Supanova, and my plane did not crash into the sea on the flight back, which is always a plus. I’ll do a full round up of my ringside seat at the George R.R Martin Experience once Adelaide SN is over (next weekend, local droogies, feel free to come down and say hello), but as always, Brisbane was brilliant and the crowds were cooler than the person who invented refrigerated pantaloons.
HOWEVER, signing books and meeting cool people and doing rails of blow off strippers’ unmentionables in GRRM’s hotel room* all weekend, I didn’t have much time to make a fuss of a VERY AWESOME THING that happened to me last week. I flailed about it a little on Twitter and FB, but for those who missed it, the awesome looked something like this:

Illuminae announcement

Squeeeee, bitches

I think you can click to embiggen? I dunno. Fkn computers…
Anyway, the important news – my next series has been bought by Random House!
I will repeat.
My next series has been bought by Random Fucking House!!!one!
Followers of this blog might remember me talking a couple of months ago about a few of the side projects I was working in between LOTUS WAR books – ILLUMINAE is one of those. And it’s now officially become a Thing.
An Awesome Thing.
I won’t talk too much about Stuff™ yet, as Amie and I will need to get our asses into gear and start making Stuff™ official. But to explain some of the terms in that Publisher Marketplace release:
A “pre-empt” is basically a situation where a publisher attempts to pull a book off the market before an auction develops. It’s essentially a form of speculative betting – they figure the book is cool enough to go to auction if enough editors get around to reading it, so they pick a figure and put together a pitch they hope is tempting enough for the author(s) to pull it out of circulation before other editors go gaga over it.
Temptresses, all.
In terms of it being a “major deal” or a “significant deal” or a “pants-on-head-crazy” deal, this is basically publisher talk for how much money the thing sold for. I’m not gonna go into details or anything, if you’re really keen I’m sure you can find a glossary for what means what on the internet. Scalzi does it better here, anyway. But Major deal is good. Major deal is pretty much as good as it gets. It means this book will get the production values it needs to make it work because as far as high-maintenance goes, this puppy is an 11 on the Hotel Heiress Scale.
We’ve only sold North American rights at this stage, so to my droogies from countries outside the States, stay tuned and watch this space.
For those writerly types out there, we sold the series on the basis of a synopsis and a 130 page sample (which I used my former-life-art-director skillz to mock up into a semblance of how the real book might look – the object itself is part of the story for this puppy). But for the first timers, don’t use this as any kind of guide. “Finish your book before you try and sell it” is still the golden rule.
ILLUMINAE isn’t a normal book (we’re really trying to challenge the limits of what a book can be with it), and it needed an editor who was willing to run with us all the way through the madness we have planned. We totally found her in Melanie Cecka. To say Amie and I are excited about signing at Knopf/RH and being able to give this book to you in style is like saying thirteen year old boys are excited by boobs. My stoic facade is in danger of shattering into a million pieces of squeeee.
We’ll release more details about ILLUMINAE soon – for now, the elevator pitch – “Battlestar Galactica meets Ten Things I Hate About You” sums it up pretty nicely. Of course, it’s way more than that, but it’ll do for now.
But oh, my droogies, this book . . .
. . .
*Dramatization. May not have happened.

31 Responses to “The Awesome”

  1. Firstly congratulations!!
    Secondly I was squinting away until you said to embiggen, ha! Then I didn’t really know what it meant. Age it does funny things to the brain. So I gather you and Amie ( I am reading her book next ) Are doing your thing and got a deal based on a 130 page sample. Go you good thing!
    Ahh the planet of endless opportunities opens up to those that brave the world and put their best foot forward.
    Well done!
    I repeat, ‘Dude you can write.’
    Mich 😀

    • Thanks Mich!
      I think i stole “embiggen’ from the Simpsons. Pretty much all my material comes from the Simpsons, actually. I’m waiting for Matt G’s lawyers to descend and start eating my bones soon.

  2. Once again, congratulations, Giant. Very much looking forward to ILLUMINAE – but how much awesome will it entail? Because I can just imagine awesome oozing out of the damned thing.
    Signing off as the hobbit…

  3. Congratulations Jay, this is awesome news! The book sounds so good and I’m looking forward to seeing and reading this writing partnership come to life.

  4. JdV says:

    Incredibly thrilled for you sir! I am greatly happy for continued blessing to rain down upon you as they benefit not only you but all of your many fans, of which I am one.
    Enjoy success, which of course entails hard work. Happy days my friend!

  5. bwtaylor75 says:

    Congrats! You know what this means? MOAR Mr. Kristoff. And MOAR work! But it’s glorious work. Knock ’em dead, Jay. Well, not really dead because then no one will be alive to buy your book. 😉

  6. Tammy Sparks says:

    Awesome news! Knowing there are going to be more Jay books (and Amie too!) makes me very happy:)

  7. Melissa says:

    You should be at the grown up table (Random House). It’s where people of your sort (Patrick Rothfuss, Terry Pratchett, GRRM) belong. Congratulations Jay! That is A-FUCKING-MAZING news.

  8. Eamo says:

    Well done.
    You shall receive further adulation as soon as you produce beer for me to drink.

  9. Lynn K. says:

    After seeing the MLP style Buruu you did for Cuddlebuggery I’m very, very curious to see what the mock-up book looks like. 😛

  10. “We’ve only sold North American rights at this stage, so to my droogies from countries outside the States, stay tuned and watch this space.”
    *sigh* North America does not equal the USA. There are other countries in NA….

  11. Congrats, Jay. You’re a rockstar!

  12. nicole says:

    Oh my goodness gracious I’m so friggin happy! I LOOOOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!! I’m so excited to lay my eyes upon such a treasure!! I’m not even afriad they will explode out of my head!!! Lol <3 how's that for MOAR?

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