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100% awesome

Over the course of the last two days I’ve received two more requests, this time, both fulls. One of them is from one of the big league agents that I shot off a query to without a hope in hell of ever hearing back, so to say I’m goddamn excited is a bit of a understatement. Super fucking jazzed is more accurate.

Interestingly enough (and I don’t know if this is an industry norm, or just fluke) every agent who’s requested a full or partial has been male. Weird.

But anyway, based on the R from partial number one (who was exceptionally cool about it, and offered some very helpful  feedback on my first 50 pages) I’ve gone at the MS with a machete and chopped another 4,500 words. Spending this weekend with the weed whacker, trying to get rid of any redundancies I find, aim is to get the MS down to a clean 90K. I feel damn good about it, too. Funny how working on the other book and getting my head out of COLD for a spell gives perspective. Chapter 3 & 4 were running 17 pages, I’ve cut them down and combined them into 9 pages, so we’re getting to the point much sooner. It feels good, the MS is feeling much tighter now. So thanks for the advice, Mr Must Remain Anonymous agent. Hopefully it bears fruit.

Zero (on hold for the MS clinic) is sitting at around 45,000 words now.

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First partial request

I swear, some agents have a word filter running on their slush pile, which automatically sends a rejection to any query containing the word “vampire”.

After three form rejections (and goddamn, they arrived quickly) and some modification to the query, I got a request for a partial yesterday. Trying not to get excited or anything, but its a good start. At least I know the query letter isn’t complete dross now.

Seems that the old “zig when the others zag” rule applies in the publishing world like everywhere else. So, after some quick editing I’ve sent off the first 50 pages and now await the agent’s response, trying not to get too worked up (which is, of course, fucking impossible). So if you happen to bump into me over the next few days,  I assure you that underneath my poker face I’m as nervous as the first space monkey.

Poor space monkeys 😦

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