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Psst. Altaire. Turn around, dude.

I have returned from the goliath of nerdfests that is Supanova with hide intact, and only a mild case of con-flu. Gather ye ’round children, and I shall speak of my first tiny steps into the kinda awesome, kinda scary world of “fandom’.
Until Manifest last year, I’d never actually been to a con on this scale – local SF/F shindigs do not have the gravitas that walking into a room full of 20,000 nerds does. I had only the vaguest ideas these things existed, having cut my nerd teeth in a time before cons ever came to the tiny crust of concrete on the Indian ocean I was spawned in. I’m amazed at the size of these things, and the energy and creativity and passion on display. I recall the tiny basement in which I used to buy my copies of Dungeons and Dragons rulesbooks and the mouth-breathing neckbeards that used to dwell therein, and look around a place like Supanova and think “Truly friends, tis a fine time to be a nerd.”
I attended Melbourne and Goldcoast Supanova earlier in the year as a guest of Dymocks, but Perth was the first time I’d actually be a guest of the SHOW, with my name on the website all fancy and shit. They gave me a VIP badge with magical powerz -I could flash it at (awesome) Supanova staffers to grant me access to the free hooch at the Saturday night cocktail party and ingress to the mythical “Green Roooooooom” in which Very Important People (and me) would gather when they weren’t signing cleavage and doings rails of blow and whatever else famous people do (I saw no cleavage signed, and no blow blown in all my time at Supanova, I just presume this sort of debauchery goes on when I’m not around, mostly because I always presume people are having metric fucktonnes of fun when I’m out of the room). It was kinda awesome. And it turned me into something of a gibbering fanboy.
First fanboy moment was on Friday night, when I was gathered in the lobby with the exceptionally swish Kylie Chan and Trudi Canavan, who were singularly cool to my n00b ass all weekend. We were just chatting and this older American gent came up and joined in and I’m all “daaaaaamn, this guy looks familiar…” 
“Hey, I’m Jay,” I say, extending my hand.
“Hi, I’m Chris,” he says, shaking my paw.
“Not . . . ” blink, blink “. . . not Chris CLAREMONT?”
“Yeah,” he says.
See, Chris Claremont wrote the first comic book I ever bought (Uncanny X-Men 251). He wrote X-Men for 17 years. He wrote the “Days of Future Past” series the new X-films are going to be based on. He wrote the Wolverine limited series the new Wolvie film is based on. He’s the REASON you know the name X-Men. The dude is a legend, and for a comic nerd like me, getting to meet him was seventeen boner city. (I did not pop seventeen boners, this is anatomically unpossible). I have his entire run of X-Men comics at home. Guess how many I remembered to bring for him to sign?
. . . Yeah. 🙁
Then, we split on the bus to the show for the VIP meet and greet. I had nfi what I was doing, I just followed the crowd and tried to hide behind other more famous people, but I was the tallest person in the fucking room, so no dice. Up in the Green Rooooom, I tried for a little while to find out where all the blow was hidden, but everyone looked at me strangely so I gave up. Instead, I contented myself with saying “hello, I really like your books” to Raymond motherfucking Feist. Raymond was quite indulging of my fangirl antics, and even signed my 20 year old copy of Magician before excusing himself to wipe my dribble off. We got to chat a few times over the weekend – the guy is a straight up scholar and gentleman.
Chris & Ray & Jay

Chris & Ray & Jay

I hung out a little bit with the Weasley Twins. They have brown hair IRL, which just threw me.

Brown hair. Heartbreaking.

We then got asked up on stage in front of hundreds of people, and asked a couple of questions about who we were. I was just waiting for someone in the audience to stand up and point out my n00b ass most certainly did not belong there, but instead, I was made to feel wonderfully welcome, which was super cool. Then it was off to the bus and bed.
Saturday began with muffins in the green room and introductions to Karl Urban, who just looks furious all the fucking time – he eats his snacks like he wants to kill them. Then it was off to panels and signings and all that jazz. I made a rookie mistake at my first panel – sat at the end of the row instead of in the middle, and sure enough, the first question at my first SN panel and who does the MC ask to answer first? So yeah – sit in the middle people, this is my advice to thee.
Alan just told a hilarious joke. Karl is smiling REALLY hard

Alan just told a hilarious joke. This is Karl looking amused

Saturday night was free hooch night. I met Carrie Fisher. She was nice. I also met the Hoff again. When there is free hooch, the Irishman in me comes out to play, and I tend to hang off the bar like some 6’7 limpet, but sadly, the other authors were responsible types and left at a responsible time, so we never quite reached the critical mass of hard liquor required for me to start breakdancing (I did show Chris Claremont my “robot” – he nodded politely and swiftly excused himself). We did get this group photo, which is my favorite of the weekend (me, Kylie Chan, Trudi Canavan and Jana Oliver). I am on my knees here. Yes. I am that fucking tall.

Kylie Chan may be short, but I still wouldn’t mess with her.

Sunday morning began with me asking Alan Tudyk to sign my dinosaur (this is not a euphemism) but my dinosaur was too small (NOT A EUPHEMISM) so the sig is all blurry and stuff. Still, Alan fucking Tudyk signed my dinosaur. You can see it below. The silver smudge is his sig. I know it looks like a silver smudge but HONEST.
2013-07-16 20.43.54

Smudgy sig 🙁

I sold a lot of books. Like, a LOT of books. I wish I had’ve taken a photo of the mountain of books waiting for me at the White Dwarf (our awesome hosts) stand Saturday morning, but I was too busy thinking “that is a metric fucktonne of books, there is no WAY I’m going to sell all those” and trying not to hyperventilate. I dunno what it was about Perth – maybe the homeground advantage thing – but we plowed through them all. Which was AWESOME, and combined with the phenomenal amount of Red Bull I drank over the weekend, sent me into some kind of dizzying high in which I started hugging people when it was time to leave. Traditionally, I’m not very huggy. I was absent the day they handed out the hugging gene.
A surprising number of people knew who I was. I had peeps bring me US edition hardbacks to sign (a sign of the truly hardcore devotee). My KINSLAYER ARCs disappeared in a blink. I had one girl tell me SD was the best book she’d ever read. And I dunno if that’s just con talk or whatever, but it still felt awesome. People – whatever you’re a fan of, whatever you’re into, if you’re ever given the opportunity to speak to the creator of it, please do it. There’s is no cooler feeling in the world than learning another human being liked your stuff. It’s honestly food for the artist’s soul – we will love you for it. So to everyone who came out to say “hey”, THANK YOU.
Awesome folks and an awesome time. Can’t wait for SN in Brisbane and Adelaide. Check below or on my FB page for the highlight reel.
so many

So many jokes you could make here . . .


Black widow hates Loki’s nipples. Apparently.


Best. EVER.


Dalek infiltrator in the hizzzouse


It’s a meeeeeeee

not the blade


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  1. Awww, love the pic of you with Kylie and Jana, I had drinks with them in Brisvegas before Jana and Kylie went back to the Perth Supa Nova. i was chatting about you to them. All good things of course! I have been chatting to Jana for a couple years now and when she was coming over she let me know as I didn’t think I would ever get to meet her outside of cyberspace. She is such a lovely person and bought me her Foretold book and signed it. Which was uber nice of her. I have an uber crush on her character Denver Beck, lol! Awesome pics. I do love seeing your humor attached to your images 😀

  2. If you ever make it over to the US, come to San Diego Comic Con! I’d love to be able to meet you there (and so would your other American fans I bet)!

  3. Tien says:

    yep, that’s me – truly hardcore devotee 😉

  4. Rhonda says:

    Jealous as a word cannot begin to describe my feelings. Fiest and Claremont? Alan and Karl! Even the damn Weasley twins!!! Excuse me while I make a voodoo doll of you and poke it viciously a few times…

  5. I gasped when I saw a photo of Alan Tudyk. I’m sad your dinosaur is smudgy!

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