Let's hug it out, bitch
SO I did my first SUPANOVA on Saturday at Melbourne Showgrounds (Gold Coast and Sydney folks, I’ll also be appearing at yours) and I’ve gotta say it was fucking awesome. I’ve never really been a convention goer – I’m not sure why, tbh. Heading along to Manifest last year and now Supanova, I kinda feel like I’ve been missing out.
First off, doing the author thing there is awesome fun – meeting a bunch of readers, turning on a bunch of new readers, signing books and just hanging out and talking nerdy stuff. Meeting other authors and talking about the book business is super cool too. It’s really interesting to watch the way people interact with books on the shelf or stand (particularly when its your book but they don’t know it’s yours). You start to realize how important covers are, and how people consider book purchases in tiny fractions of time – I won’t dribble about it here though, I’ll do a blog post about it soon.
The cosplayers were amazing – I dunno who half of them are dressed as, but the gear was incredible nonetheless. I think my favorite shot of the weekend was catching a bunch of dudes from the Night’s Watch hanging out with a pack of jawas.
I also met the Hoff, which was kinda odd. I always thought he’s be taller.
Anyways, shots and commentary below. Many thanks to the awesome folks at Dymocks for having me along!
omgqueueThis is the queue to get in. It stretched for about 17 miles. I walked right past it and through the front doors. BAM.
This is what the insides looked like before 14,000 people walked in and wrecked the joint.
This was the queue for pizza at around 1pm. It was so big, it broke the space/time continuum. Fortunately, there were 400 people dressed as Doctor Who on hand to fix it.
Not joe
This man is not Joe Jusko. He is just sitting in Joe Jusko’s seat. The bastard.
Greatest cosplay pic ever taken imo.
I dunno what the deal is with the scary bunny people. But they were scary, so I shot them. I think the garbage bin in the bg is a nice touch.
This is KITT from Knight Rider. If you’re old enough to remember Knight Rider, daaaaaaaaaamn, you OLD.
(Yes, I remember Knight Rider….)
These pillows were the scariest thing I saw all weekend.
I dunno who this is. Anime character? Suit must’ve been hella sweaty. I think I saw him passed out from heat exhaustion in a corner at one point.
Disney villainesses. Is that the plural of villainess? Is there such a word as a villainess? Fckd if I know…
My buddy’s fiance. I’m not sure marrying a psychotic, planet-destroying elemental force in the guise of a human woman is such a hot idea, but he’s a mate, so what can you do…
There were about 1,600 Jokers present over the weekend – this dude was the only one brave enough to wear a nurse’s outfit. So he wins.
Huge crowd at TANKWARS. Apparently its a thing. Who knew.
Only two copies left at the end of the weekend.
See you @ Gold Coast and Sydney.

33 Responses to “SUPANOVA”

  1. So you sold 4 copies in 3 hours. Nice effort 😉

  2. The murderous bunnies were from a manga called “Rabbit Doubt”, and I think the big grey one was supposed to be Totoro from “My Neighbor Totoro”… Only 2 copies left? NICE!

  3. I went to Supanova in Brisbane November last year and LOVED it. My first con and the only big social event I have ever enjoyed at all (because it was all nerdy people :D). I hope you consider coming to the Brisbane Supanova later this year. I’d love to meet you and get my beautiful copy of Stormdancer signed but unfortunately can’t get to the Gold Coast con 🙁
    That big grey suit thing is Totoro! He’s from one of the Studio Ghibli movies.

  4. hrose2931 says:

    I would have loved to have sat there and listened to your commentary! Just the picture comments are hilarious!

  5. Tien says:

    You’re coming to Sydney, Awesome!!
    Look forward to meeting you then 😀

  6. Love your pics and your comments! Thanks for sharing. I’m still holding out on the hope you come to Powell’s in Portland Oregon one day soon!

  7. umm, i can’t find anything on the supanova site, but will you be at the gold coast both saturday and sunday, or just one of the days? 😀

  8. RSAGARCIA says:

    That was hilarious! And yes, I remember Knight Rider. Heck, I was watching over the other day. It was actually still good. I’m not just saying that. I couldn’t make it through Miami Vice when I tried. I also saw the Hoff late last year traveling through Antigua! You’re so right. He’s way shorter in real life lol.

  9. Tez Miller says:

    How do deluxe hugs differ from regular hugs? 😉

  10. You turned on a bunch of new readers? I can’t figure out if you got them very excited or if you turned on them, betrayal style, and savaged them for daring to touch your precious?
    Maybe both?

  11. bwtaylor75 says:

    So next Con you’ll be dressed as Night’s Watchman, JawaHoff? Jawa head, Baywatch speedo, and black cloak with a wolf’s head light saber rescue can combo prop. Best. Costume. Ever. If every other line was ginormous, I can’t image what the line for the toilet looked like. Oh, wait, I can. o_O
    I also remeber Knight Rider.

  12. I want a TARDIS cushion! Maybe deluxe hugs have more body contact?

  13. Cynthia says:

    Yay! You’re coming to Sydney supanova! This is awesome news XD I’ll be seeing you there 😀

  14. “This is the queue to get in. It stretched for about 17 miles. I walked right past it and through the front doors. BAM.”
    Nice. 🙂
    “If you’re old enough to remember Knight Rider, daaaaaaaaaamn, you OLD.”
    My mother’s exact words: Feck you, Kristoff. Feck. You.
    (She said something worse than “feck,” but I’m too much of a lady to write it.)
    “… Yes, I remember Knight Rider….”
    My mother: HA!
    “These pillows were the scariest thing I saw all weekend.”
    I think the orange one and the blue one (with the green spots) are kinda cute! Now, the picture UNDER it is possibly the most terrifying thing I have ever seen in my life. Thanks, Jay. I will now see that thing in my nightmares.
    … It looks like a deranged rabbit that grew up near a nuclear power plant. *shivers*

  15. I brought a friend to the Dymocks stall to introduce them to your book, almost didn’t believe it when i saw you there,i didn’t know you were coming, but had one of the best conversations of the weekend with you.
    Meeting you was truly a pleasure, i hope to see you at many more conventions.
    The one who tried to bore you with talk of the Wheel of Time.

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