Storm is coming

First draft on Storm is finished! 85K words, which is way too long, but it’s done. Giving to the A-bomb to read this weekend, feeling damn good about it. The ending wound up slllllightly diffferent to how I imagined, but it’s all good.
Still in query hell on Cold. Current tally is 2 Fulls and 6 Partials out in limbo. I’m getting pretty worn down by the waiting actually. People say one thing and do another. Hard to stay upbeat, checking the inbox every day and getting nothing but a new copy of Publisher’s Lunch.
Yeah, well. Whatever.
Went back to the hometown to see my Grandma put in the ground a week ago, too. Pretty hard day. I’ll miss you, Gram. You were a grand old dame.
Listening to: Mammal, The Majority.


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