State of the World Address

A few things are happening on the trilogy front, so I thought I’d update y’all with the skinny.
1) My trilogy sold to French publishers Bragelonne (who amongst other SF/F luminaries,  publish NYT #1 bestseller [huge grats] Pat Rothfuss). Bragelonne offered on books 2 & 3 sight unseen, which makes me feel pretty good about book #1. So yeah, I’ll officially be published in a non-English speaking country. It’ll be interesting translating my psuedo Jap-lish into French (I only know how to swear in French). 😛
2) My editor’s notes have come back on STORMDANCER, and I’m plunging back into the breach this weekend. The vast majority of suggestions were of the “GIVE US MOARR” variety – more detail, more world-building. I chopped a bunch of detail out of the ms in order to get to a certain pivotal point in the narrative by page 50 (mainly for the benefits of literary agents, who often request the first 50) and it feels nice to be told “leave nothing on the editing room floor”. So yeah, really looking forward to getting back into this sandbox I’ve made and building a few more castles 🙂
3) Book 2 is naturally on hold until STORMDANCER is complete, but I’m sitting about 80k and almost at the end of Act 2. It’s feeling really good, but it’ll be helpful to spend a month off from it, finish STORMDANCER and then come back with fresh eyes. My beautiful bride, as always, is serving as Beta-in-Chief and Culler of All Things Lamesauce.
4) Still trying to think of a series title. It’s hard. Harder than resisting the urge to finish this post with a witticism about other hard things…
…Jesus, mind out of the gutter, peoples.

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  1. JaimeLoren says:

    Wow! Must be such a good feeling to be able to ADD to your novel. That’s always at the back of my mind whilst editing (because my MS was way too long). You worry so much about hooking an agent in those first 50 pages so that they’ll request a full, but at the same time, it can feel as though you’re not doing your story or characters any justice by diving into a scene head first. So, good for you! That should be fun. 🙂
    And kudos again for the French sale. Maybe you could do a poll for your blog readers/twitter followers with regards to a series title? I’m assuming you’re mulling over a few different ones? 😀

    • It’s pretty good fun, Jamie. Although I think the “keep the first 50 pages to the point” instinct is a good one to entertain. After you land your book deal, you can go back and add everything you want. But those first 50 you send on an agent request need to be sharp as razors.
      A poll isn’t a bad idea, actually. Presuming I can work out how to make one…

  2. Stefan says:

    Are you looking for something Japanese-inflected for a series title?
    Series sounds really interesting (I was an East Asian Studies major at undergrad, so I’m interested & looking forward to see what you do with the Asian setting, etc.).

    • Um, yeah, I’d like something that immediately says “Japan” and “Steampunk”. Doesn’t have to be a japanese word, necessarily.
      “The Iron Shogunate” is the front runner atm.
      “The War of the Lotus” is another possibility.

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