State of the World Address

The bride tells me it’s been a while since I did one of these, so here’s an update on where everything is at:
STORMDANCER – copy edits for the UK are done. Copy edits for the US aren’t (but tbh, there will be no differences other than spelling, you crazy yanquis with your missing ‘U’s and superfluous ‘I’s, eh?). Cover design is underway in the UK, I’ve seen roughs and I suspect this thing is going to stand out like the dog’s bollocks on shelves (Presuming said dog in question still has the requisite parts, of course. Sometimes I catch my dog staring all mournfully at the place where his bits used to be. Poor bastard…)
ANYWAYS, after wrangling in the dank stinky depths of stock photography for a while, it’s been decided we’re going to actually shoot ourselves a model (with a camera, not a gun, jesus…) to go on the background being assembled by our Mac master. The gal in question has been chosen, and her online portfolio is here. I think she’ll make a pretty goddamn awesome Yukiko. Wardrobe is currently being sourced, photoshoot is happening soon. I’ll be doing a big detailed post about the cover process a little later, and of course, I have a metric fuck-tonne of signed China Meiville books to give away when we launch our UK/Aus cover, courtesy of the awesome folks at Tor UK.
The US time lines are little more generous apparently, because I haven’t heard much in the way of covers from them. Such is life. If you aren’t good at waiting, don’t be a gorram author, is my advice.
I have a bunch of other stuff I want to reveal. A good buddy of mine created some awesome mons (we round-eyes call them logos) for the four clans of Shima and the Lotus Guild, but I think I’ll hold off on those until I have covers out in the big scary world.
I also have some cover blurbs from some very generous and awesome authors who are saying lots of cool things about the book. but I can’t show you those yet either 😛
Yeah, so much for telling you what happening…
If you wanna add STORMDANCER to your Goodreads lists and make me go all squirty in my gutty-wutts, click n’yah.
BOOK 2 – Book 2 has a title, but it’s not 100% official yet. Besides, I get the feeling that revealing its title should be some kind of… thing.  You know, with dancing girls and limos and ass-loads of blow or something.
I handed the manuscript into my editors at the end of January. It came in at 160k, which is 40k longer than STORMDANCER. There’s a lot more happening in this one, but I still get the feeling I’ll be asked to kill a few darlings. I don’t expect to hear anything back on it in terms of edits for months, so in the meantime…
(flawless segue)
Book 3 – Book 3 also has a title, but it’ll be a thing too. Probably next year. I’ve started writing it, and the first act is done. Much carnage. I feel like a kid who’s spent a day down at the beach building this enormous sand castle with spires and battlements and an elaborate, fully functional sewage system, and now the sun is setting and I’ve started to stomp up and down on it before the tide comes in.
I think I’ll be sad when I finish. Sad and terrified. Funny thing is, I’ll probably be finished writing the end of this story before most of you even start it.
It’s funny game, this.
Anyways, that’s where everything is at. Now stop saying I never tell you anything, mum.

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  1. Ray Dean says:

    First.. LOVE the map… always good to turn expectations on its head… and congrats on all the forward motion!

  2. I’ve only ever met one Yukiko in my life (at my job) and she’s also hot. I love that they’re giving you a personal shoot! Your plot is so unique (to my world) that they should have a unique chick.
    rock on dude.

  3. I know what you mean about waiting. Wrote a whole post about it.
    I can’t wait to read the first of the series. And come June, when I start writing the second book to Til Death with the third book not far behind, I’ll understand what you’re feeling about ending the series.

    • *hugs* back.
      Getting there, getting there. Still feels like a long wait, but I have it on good authority that the last couple of months tend to fly. I’ll let you know if that’s true when I get there. Or maybe just lie to make it easier 😀

  4. bwtaylor75 says:

    With all the secrecy you’re like a special forces author, you know with poison darts and people disappearing. Chalk me up for a day one sale and I can’t wait.
    One quick question: If being 6’7″ makes you a literary giant, what does being a 6’2″ unpublished author make me besides poor? Just wondering.

    • I have Ninjas to do my poison darting and disappearing of unruly peoples. They are watching you.
      Right now.
      6’2 is a totally respectable height. So I guess it makes you a soon to be discovered author who can still buy his jeans off the rack. Lucky bastard. 🙂

  5. Clara says:

    Seriously now. I.Can’t.Wait.Any.Longer!!!!!!!!
    On a side note, I got edited for the first time (yay!). It’s for a shortie, but wow. The bloodbath, Jay. Oh the bloodbath. I’m happy I read your post about it!
    Cheerios mate ; )

    • That’s awesome, congrats! Did the story turn out better as a result? You in happyland?
      I’m still kinda tripped out at how much better Stormdancer got after my editors had their wicked way with it. Seriously, anyone who says editors aren’t an essential part of the publishing process has never worked with a good one.

      • Ha, most certainly! After edits I caught myself thinking: “Wow, do I really write that well?” lol
        But I’ll be bluntly honest: if I could hire my editor to go through everything I ever wrote, I’d be a pretty damn happy woman.
        Oh well…

  6. X52495 says:

    I hope you’re portraying Yukiko as an awesome warrior woman who not only fights the Shogun’s subordinates and Lotus clan members that get in her way, but also KILLS them! I really like it when female protagonists are portrayed as powerful and deadly warriors, and I would love it if Yukiko were one too.

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