So this is kinda awesome

My editor’s notes are back on Book 2, and I have officially descended into the edit cave, where there is no sunlight, no phone, no interwebs. However, I’ve spelunked my way back up to the surface (can you spelunk upwards?) and trekked across the frozen wastes to bring you this little piece of awesome.
A composer named Will Musser got in touch with me a little while back, and asked if I’d be interested in him composing a piece of music inspired by Stormdancer, which sounded like about the best idea I’d heard all year. Will read the book, and inspired by Buruu (particularly the hunt for him in chapter 11) wrote this piece of solid gold awesome here.
Hope you enjoy it!
PS: many thanks to the huge outpouring of comments on my TED post. Much, MUCH love for all the help, peoples. I’ve shot an email to the winner of the signed HB, if they don’t get back to me shortly, I’ll pick another. But thanks so much for all your thoughts – it’s sincerely appreciated!

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  1. Whahhhh!!! BRILLIANT!!! WOW!! And a whole bag of other words. How spesh is that!! You need the volume up for when those drums start pounding. Well who is a lucky boy then? Will does ROCK! this piece of music. 🙂
    The awesomesauce keeps on pouring:D

  2. Anonymousousous says:

    NOoooooooo…email 🙁
    Maybe next time.
    Good luck man, i’m sure you’ll edit the hell out of book 2.

  3. Mirely says:

    AWESOME news! Love it. Now get to it.

  4. Lynn K. says:

    It’s a beautiful piece! Due to all the school work and stuff (+ faulty memory) I kind of forgot what ch11 was about, will need to re-read…
    P.S. This is the second time I’ve seen the word ‘spelunk’ used this week. The first was a description of exploration of a certain female cave..LOL

  5. Kelley says:

    That is super awesome! I love when artists are inspired by other artists (especially when music is involved). And the song is so lovely. 🙂

  6. neyska says:

    That is really fantastic. I love the music. I imagine it feels pretty amazing to have someone inspired like that by your work. Congratulations! Now get your ass back to editing book 2! 😉

  7. PK Hrezo says:

    Nice! Fits perfectly! Good luck in the dungeon!

  8. Cass says:

    That was fantastic. 😀

  9. Great music, yeah it totally fits with the atmosphere of Stormdancer 😀

  10. clara_w says:

    How awesome is that??! Congrats Jay!
    Next: Graphic Novel!!! *__*

  11. nrlymrtl says:

    I think your book needs theme music like this throughout. I could definitely listen to a CD with music like this while reading your novel.

  12. […] Stormdancer, Jay Kristoff’s debut? The composer Will Musser read it and was inspired to write some music, and it’s amazing! I would love to hear more music inspired by […]

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