Revisions comple… finis… done.

5,000 words in three days, the deed is done and first rounds of submission to publishers is underway as we speak. The ms feels about as cool as I could ever hope. I can’t really express how exciting it was to talk to, you know, proper, professional people in the publishing industry about my story, getting down into the real nitty-gritty of characters and plots and motivations that I wrote.
I found myself sitting on the sidewalk in Melbourne at 4am (we were sleeping out for Tool tickets), laptop in front of me, bashing away on the keyboard while some dodgy stereo spat out Forty Six and Two and I just stopped for a second and looked around me, thought about how much life had changed in the last few weeks. Trippy. 🙂
Now before I come off too lovey-dovey, I’ll segueway into my rant: my partner in crime, Mr Orrsome and myself were fourth and fifth in line at the Anatheum. The lads in front of us had got there at 10pm the night before to cue up. Props for that. Doors open early, they’re waiting at the counter at 9am when tix go on sale. First two guys get front row seats. By the time the third guy gets his, the pit and seated areas are totally sold out. By the time Orrsome gets to the counter, the grass is almost totally sold out – he only manages to get two tix. All in the space of about 60 seconds. Everyone behind us in line walked away empty-handed. And we could bought grass seats at the pre-sale on Thursday without moving from behind our keyboards.
Fkn internet sales. IMO, live venue sales should open at least 30 minutes before online sales do. If you don’t have the stones to sleep out, why the FUCK should you get tix over those who do. Zzzzzzzzz.
PS: Despite the A-bomb’s assurances that it is awesome, Johnathon Strange and Mr Norrell is failing to rock my world. It’s very… British. 🙁
eids rehto eht tuo gnimoc, wodahs ym hguorht gnippetS

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Totally stalking you here via twitter (while putting off my own revisions). I HATE internet ticket sales, and yes, people should absolutely get to buy them in person beforehand. Not just because it’s more fair to people who camp out, but also because for heaven’s sake, I hate fees when you buy tickets anywhere but the venue. There’s a venue in NYC that I’ve stopped going to, because you can’t buy tickets at the venue until THREE WEEKS after internet sales start. Grrrr. (And although you have like the exact opposite musical taste that I do, I am really enjoying the image of revisions happening while in line for tickets. Heh.)

  2. Three weeks, WTF. What kind of seats will be left after three weeks?
    Internet tickets sales are the work of the devil. My rage only gets worse when I see shit like this:

    • Lindsay says:

      Exactly — no seats worth having after three weeks. So basically, you have to cough up the $12-per-ticket Ticketmaster fee, or you’re screwed. Not okay at all.
      Aaaand yeah. Don’t even get me started on scalpers. *seethes*

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