Partial request 2.0

Got another partial request on Sunday, which is sweet, even if it does involve snail mail. Not sure why anyone would want to rely on the postal service when a perfectly functional and virtually instantaneous alternative exists. I guess some folks are just old fashioned that way.
Second book (working title = Zero) is sitting on around 35,000 words. Planing to write a little over 90,000 then chop it back to 80K. I’ll be a little more disciplined about word length this time, because according to many it seems to be a selection factor. Having a better structure planned out is making it easier to anticipate total length. Cold was kinda a crapshoot in that regard. To think I was actually worried it’d fall short of 80K when I was writing it. 0.o
Listening to: Machine Head, The Blackening (in anticipation of this Thursday’s gig with Hatebreed, woooo yeah)

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