So, wow.
A couple more full requests based off partials have rolled in the past two days (one went from partial to full in 24 hours). That brings the total up to SEVEN fulls (and 1 partial) out there in the big scary. That’s more than twice the number I ever got from COLD. That’s 8 current positives out of a total of 30 replies from agents so far, or a success rate of over 25%. Hot damn.
It’s all noise until someone bites of course, but I can’t help but feel chuffed about those numbers.
In other news, I’ve flip-flopped on my new MS, and have instead drifted back into steampunk romance, based in WW1 era Europe. Alternate history involving robotic technology. Still trying to get the story sorted in my head, but this one feels like it has more legs. Alternate history always seems a fave amongst agents too, and it’s fun to write.
A colleague sent me info about this today. It’s heartbreaking, and sickening, and infuriating. Stormdancer has an environmental ‘message’ but I’m the first to acknowledge that I’m no saint when it comes to animal rights – buying free range eggs and chicken is about as far as my liberal white-bread ass currently goes. But seriously, fuck these people. Fuck them, their bullshit culture, and their mindless, barbaric traditions. I cannot fathom the kind of mind that perpetrates this kind of monstrous brutality on helpless, living, breathing, feeling creatures. I refuse to acknowledge that I share common ancestry with these bastards.
Mother, please, flush them all away.

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