Officially official

After much rending of garments and gnashing of teeth, my broken shell of a web-designer has finally completed the task set before him and yea, it hath pleased me mightily.
It is officially official: Jay Kristoff is now not only a gibbering interwebs monkey capering for the crowd’s amusement, Jay Kristoff is now a PLACE on the net. If ever you needed an compelling argument for parental locks on web browsers, surely, this be it.
You may find my official website here –
To celebrate this pretty cool thing in a month that has been filled with pretty cool things, I am offering booty. Not the In My Pants kind of booty, nay, I speak of booty of actual worth.
Among the many awesome writerly folks who’ve not only read STORMDANCER but decided that it did not, in fact, blow herculean amounts of goat, is one Kevin Hearne, author of the IRON DRUID CHRONICLES, easily the best urban Fantasy series I’ve read in frackin’ years. His latest book, TRICKED, just hit the NYT Bestseller list. Boo-frakkin’-yah.
Kevin has ponied up signed copies of HOUNDED, HEXED and HAMMERED – the first three installments of IDC. I’ll also add, the copy of HOUNDED has what may very well be the coolest hand-scrawled note that has ever been penned by mortal man.

I’m also offering up a signed ARC of STORMDANCER to the mix. This is one of my last ARCs. It is… precious to me…
So, you stand to win:
HOUNDED (signed)
HEXED (signed)
HAMMERED (signed)
MY ETERNAL LOVE (unsigned, yet still priceless)
Real simple. Either tweet about the new website, or put something about it on your Facebook wall. I don’t care what you say, as long as it’s not about my mother.
If you tweet, make sure you let me know by including my handle somewhere in there – @misterkristoff
If you FB it, make sure you TAG my author page in the notification –
This way, I’ll actually know you did it, which will be important for you, you know WINNING and stuff…
This contest is international. It closes on the 30th of June.
If you’re new here and like the sound of STORMDANCER, you can also put my widget up on your site blog for a chance to win more loot – see the blog post one below this one for details.
Have fun 🙂


66 Responses to “Officially official”

  1. neyska says:

    Have jumped on the boat on Twitter and Facebook. Have an awesome day!

  2. awesome author website
    fingers crossed

  3. I was in at the idea of Japanese Steampunk, but a glowing endorsement from the mighty Kevin Hearne scores you extra points.

  4. Robi says:

    Shared Kevin Hearne link.
    Can’t wait to try the new book.

  5. dkartzinel says:

    I’m in on facebook. Can’t wait to read the book!

  6. Great stuff – look forward to Stormdancer

  7. pimped you on my fb page 🙂

  8. old lady still in need of a great many more cats says:

    oh my gaud. Tell your web designer that you are missing a section 3. WHY IS THIS?! My ocd cannot stand any more! You should also tell your web designer that he has done an amazing job. On behalf of the world, it is very grateful to have been introduced to such amazingness.

  9. Congrats on your website. I’ve got a big problem with this September launch though…it’s too long to wait! Will there at least be an excerpt to read on your website soon?

  10. CONGRATS on the awesome page!!
    I totally tweeted and then pimped your site like nuts on Facebook!
    Jenna DeTrapani
    imakethegrade at gmail dot com

  11. Archer says:

    Jay… Dude… The epic ballad of one author that is awesome…

  12. Love the site! I totally jumped on this band wagon. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book. Congrats.

  13. I’ve never tweeted for a giveaway. Ever. I don’t even think I have entered one. THIS IS HOW MUCH I WANT THAT ARC, DAMMIT. Now you know. 😀

    I posted you on my FB wall! not sure how to tag you in a status…but here is my page so you can check 🙂

  15. I’ve put a post on Facebook and tried to tag you (but I don’t think the tagging worked!) So here’s my page if you want to verify that I’m not lying:
    Great giveaway and I’m so excited to read your book!

  16. Miss Bliss says:

    I tweeted about the book and will continue to do so. This book sounds brilliant.

  17. Miss Bliss says:

    Oh hey I also wanted to say that the cover art for the book is AMAZING! I hope you are happy with it because it’s pretty damn stunning.

  18. Ashley says:

    Thanks so much for this chance to win! Fingers crossed!
    Here’s my tweet:

  19. Love the new site! Thanks for the schweet giveaway!
    🙂 Aeicha

  20. usagi. says:

    Actually just tweeted my thoughts at you:
    And used the Stormdancer App on facebook. :3

  21. I have you covered! Man these prizes look good!!

  22. Pratima says:

    Okay here goes, I shared the link on FB and tweeted it – officially entering this contest too 🙂
    I hope I tagged you correctly in both sites.

  23. Rebecca says:

    Congrats on the new site, it’s fantastic! Thanks so much for the epic giveaway too 🙂
    I tweeted the fab news:

  24. Like I’m TOTALLY DYING to read this already… *screams* *cross fingers*
    Here’s my tweet

  25. Omg, I’m DYING to read your book. I’ve entered all the giveaways possible. This is the only one open international :/ *fingers crossed*
    I tweeted :
    Good thing you’re on WP, my e-mail’s entered there.
    (in case I win *prays*)
    Oh and your website looks fantastic! Adding the media kit was really helpful, would be easier to get all the info bloggers (like me) need when we post the review.

    • Thanks Anjana! I do solemnly swear every giveaway I have control over will be international. I know what it’s like to miss the good stuff because you don’t live in the states 🙂

  26. Ahh! I Love it! 😀 Your new page is so amazing. <3 And so pretty. 🙂 Sigh. I need to read Stormdancer! *Wants it.* 🙂 I tweeted:
    Love, Carina

  27. Kassiah says:

    Nice site and congrats 🙂 I tweeted you (and mentioned your mother like you told me not to do)! Have a good weekend.

  28. Michelle A says:

    You crack me up! Anyhoo, I shall FB this wonderfulness, I am going to say hi to your mum, I warn you. I am rather grabby grabby for Kevins books. I did loan from my library, but apparently 3 weeks was not long enough for me to read them all so they wanted them back….blasphemy! So I figure may as well try and win them then I can wave them in their face. Seriously, I do love my librarians…they get mad with me sometimes with mad, red notices!! Bloggers need extra time!!! They think not…hehe!! Lovely new site! Oh, hang on….I’ll be back in a minnie as I realised I must put links here…..hang a tic…..You are now pimped quite satisfactorily:D
    twitter: @misterkristoff Pop over to the new page of awesomeness also if you wanna win stuff pop :d Mich
    P.s. I do want the coveted signed Arc too, I just got a bit excited at Kevins Books, no more red notices , better odds than lotto:D
    Now I shall break Mars bar cookie with my daughter Willow, Enjoy!
    ‘who is kickass in her dreams’

  29. Gabbie says:

    I may have pimped out more than your website… you probably shouldn’t tell your wife, unless you start getting strange emails.

    • I actually did go for a short walk on the beach last weekend. Lots of graffiti carved into the limestone cliffs. Was odd.
      But yes, i digress… Thanks for the pimpage! And the implied sexual deviancy with ferrets! 🙂

  30. Dani Nguyen says:

    New site is gorgeous BTW. Can’t wait to read Stormdancer!

  31. Desiree says:

    I’m assuming NO but can we get extra entries by tweeting/FBing multiple times?

  32. Yeah, so I have totally been tweet happy
    Jenna DeTrapani
    imakethegrade at gmail dot com

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