Bad May

So Ronny James Dio and Paul Gray are dead, coupled with Pete Steele that make it a pretty ordinary couple . . . (Read More)


Four partial requests have arrived in my grimy little inbox in the last week (although two of them were gut shot almost immediately because . . . (Read More)


Another partial request has come in, to replace the reject-a-mundo from Mr Snail Mail (which is a downer, but tbh, . . . (Read More)

Suspended in Dusk

“Damn me Father, for I must sin…” Four centuries of this damned immortality Yet, I did not ask to be . . . (Read More)

RIP Peter Steele

There are no words. The man who wrote the soundtrack to my youth. One of the smartest, funniest, most depressive . . . (Read More)

Da Flix

My thoughts on the movies I’ve seen recently, for want of something else to write about. Back on the Zero . . . (Read More)

100% awesome

Over the course of the last two days I’ve received two more requests, this time, both fulls. One of them . . . (Read More)

Partial request 2.0

Got another partial request on Sunday, which is sweet, even if it does involve snail mail. Not sure why anyone . . . (Read More)