Can you dig it?

I just got my first offer from a big U.S publishing house. Allow me to repeat that: I JUST GOT . . . (Read More)

Making a list, checking it twice, something, something…

I should be writing about the whole getting an agent thing, and how the submission process is going. So, an . . . (Read More)

Oh, Indeed.

The A-bomb and I just finished our run of five seasons of “the Wire” and I’ve got to take ten . . . (Read More)

Thirteen Steps to fun and profit ™

Yeah, the awful, soul-crushing agent search. You gently pick up your manuscript, nurtured with all your love from a tiny seed, . . . (Read More)

Goggles + corset = Steampunk?

So I was going to do a few more blog entries on the query process and getting an agent and whatnot, . . . (Read More)

Revisions comple… finis… done.

5,000 words in three days, the deed is done and first rounds of submission to publishers is underway as we . . . (Read More)

So let it be written, so let it be done.

Pleased as punch to announce that I’m now officially repped by gentleman and scholar Matt Bialer at Sanford J. Greenburger . . . (Read More)

Mind = blown

I woke up to two more offers of representation in my inbox this morning, which puts the tally at four. . . . (Read More)