Two Minutes Hate: Dropcrotch jeans

Dear Jeans Manufacturers, What’s the deal with “drop-crotch” jeans?  What appeal can be found in having a foot-deep crotch and legs thinner . . . (Read More)

The end is (still) nigh

So stories about the end of the days have been hip since Orson Wells was a drunken fumble in the . . . (Read More)


The inimitable Ms Lindsay Ribar has demanded “a blog post on music and how it makes writers write better. Because . . . (Read More)

The Auction

When I learned about the concept of manuscripts going to auction, I always imagined a very swanky affair. Agents and Editors would turn . . . (Read More)

Lindsay Ribar Interview

‘Tis my distinct pleasure to be working with some pretty great people right now, one of whom is Ms Lindsay . . . (Read More)

Oh, indeed.

The Deal

I was going to wait until the ink was dry on the page, but the details are up at Publisher’s Marketplace, . . . (Read More)


I was trawling the bookmarks in my “Manuscript” folder today, deleting the ones I don’t need anymore. Kind of a strange experience, . . . (Read More)