New Tattoos and a dope Beastie Tee

So here’s the final design for my STORMDANCER tattoo, from uber awesome calligraphy master Eri Takase (this image is copyright btw, intended for a single use only, so please don’t snaffle it)
Gonna get it down the forearm of my right arm. Not sure when. The superstitious part of me tells me to wait until I’m holding the book in my hand. I’ll probably get it a little sooner than that though.
For those interested, the characters, top to bottom are Arashi (“Storm”), No (a katakana possessive), Odori and Ko (which together spell “Dancer” {female emphasis}).
The red seal at the bottom is for good luck.

4 Responses to “New Tattoos and a dope Beastie Tee”

  1. LOVE IT!!! I totally got celebratory tattoo when I rocked the book deal. Yeah, I probably should have waited for the advance check, but figured, what the hell, that’s what credit cards are for. I’ve been getting a giant half sleeve over the past few months, it’s fucking GORGEOUS!!

    • Yeah, saw the pics on your blog. Very cool. 🙂
      It’s not the cash holding me back, so much as the superstitious and pessimistic side of me, who doesn’t wanna jinx it and can’t really believe all this is happening yet 😀

  2. It’s gorgeous \o/ 😀

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