Moar Kinslayer

OK, as promised to certain folks, I’ve got some moar KINSLAYER artwork for you – desktops and iPhone backgrounds and whatnot. But, before you lunge into the bloody-knuckled, death-glarey goodness:
Some of you might be aware that we have a pre-order giveaway going for KINSLAYER. If you pre-order the book and live in the USA/Canada, you’ll get a free copy (like, an actual printed copy) of THE LAST STORMDANCER. Set a hundred years before the events of STORMDANCER, LSD is a prequel novella for The Lotus War. Here’s the jacket copy:
Your blood-red skies are filled with smoke. Your bleach-white histories with lies. You walk sleeping. Wake senseless. Breathing deep of toxic blooms and forgetting all that has gone before.
But I remember.
I remember when two brothers waged bloody war over the right to sit in their father’s empty chair. I remember when orphaned twins faced each other across a field of crimson and steel, the fate of the Shima Shōgunate hanging in the poisoned sky between them.
I remember when a blind boy stood before a court of storms and talons, armed only with a thin sword and a muttered prophecy and a desperate dream of saving the world.
I remember when the skies above Shima were not red, but blue. Filled with thunder tigers.
I remember when they left you.
And I remember why.
Let me tell you, monkey-child.
ALL details about the giveaway can be found HERE.
ALL the links for preordering, and relevant info can be found on the KINSLAYER FACEBOOK PAGE.
And here are individual pre-order retailer links:
Barnes & Noble



B&N Nook



NOTE: If you’re not from the US/Canada but still want a copy of LSD, fear not. I’ll be giving away a bunch on the blog closer to release, so HANG ONTO YOUR PRE-ORDER INFO!


The KINSLAYER uber giveaway is happening until the end of May!
And now, KINSLAYER goodies. iPhone, iPad and desktop sizes below:
Kinslayer iPhoneKinslayer iPadKinslayer iPad2
Kinslayer desktop
Kinslayer Desktop 2

11 Responses to “Moar Kinslayer”

  1. Lynn K. says:

    Thanks Jay! *saves em all*

  2. I’m so putting this one and the first one on a wallpaper rotation cycle, cuz its all I want to see @__@

  3. Crazy goodness. Things are really going to get crazy now. Thanks for keeping us updated and salivating (for moar).

  4. hrose2931 says:

    Okay remember that post you had about “The hittable Reflex?” and more importantly the section on “Do Covers Matter”. Yes, Yes they do and this one definitely will catch the eyes of the cover whores. But, I think this cover speaks to the interesting people at Australia’s equivalent of Comic Con (the ones in costume) and the manga crowds and even *boys*. Because Yukiko looks like she’s been in a battle and though she may be pretty, she also looks like she’d rather kick your ass than talk to you. Like she’s got more important things on her mind. This cover rocks and complements the cover of Stormdancer beautifully!

  5. Petra says:

    I was hoping you’d do this again–like with STORMDANCER.
    And like with STORMDANCER, I made widgets for both the UK and US versions 🙂

  6. […] If you haven’t read Stormdancer yet, why not? I beg you, read these books. Jay is an amazing writer and storyteller. Plus, he has a special offer for readers who pre-order Kinslayer right now. You can get an exclusive novella called The Last Stormdancer mailed to you right now, before Kinslayer comes out this fall! But I think you have to be one of the first 1,000 people or something like that, and I don’t know whether or not they’ve reached that goal yet. Check it out here if you’re interested! […]

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