Hello droogies,
Alrighty, as per the usual drill, I have some more ENDSINGER artwork for you – iPhone & iPad wallpapers, plus a couple of desktop backgrounds. BAM.
BUT, before you check them out, you still have a few days to enter the ENDSINGER uber-giveaway. There’s an ENTIRE set of signed Lotus War novels up for grabs. ALL details about the giveaway can be found HERE.
And here are individual pre-order retailer links for ENDSINGER:
Barnes & Noble
Indiebound (site is down atm, wtffff)
and if you really have to (though maybe you shouldn’t)
Book Depository
Without further foreplay, I give you the pretty.

14 Responses to “MOAR ENDSINGER”

  1. Jon Karoll says:

    Awesome. Been waiting for these! Can we expect customized cases too in the future?

  2. Thank you! I was hoping these would pop up soon! Now I can update my tablet image and make it “up-to-date badass” 😉

  3. Marta says:

    YAY!!!!! Finally!! I can replace my old wallpaper with awesome awesomeness of AWESOME!
    I wonder why all of your awesome cool posts of awesome happen to appear on days when I have to work the night shift… the Godz Of The Interwebz must look upon me favourably, I think…
    *back to work*

  4. Amazing artwork! Thank you for posting wallpaper versions of the cover, like you did with the others in the series. Are you tempted to have all three framed and hanging on your wall? I’d be 🙂
    Like with the other, I made a widget for this as well:

  5. lovingrob says:

    Oh, Jay. I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE. So gorgeous. And the cover for Endsinger is STUNNING 😀 Ack. I just cannot wait for the book. <3 The wait is killing me. (And I need more of Kin. <3 And oh, how much I want Kin and Yukiko together.. sniffs.)
    Love, Carina Olsen

  6. Jasmine Ryan says:

    *that awkward moment when you realize Amazon owns BookDepository, AKA the greatest and your most beloved website for shopping*
    In other news, everything looks AWESOME.

  7. JdV says:

    Pre-ordered and ready to read! I am loving the artwork as is everyone else. I cannot wait! (Well I CAN….I just don’t want to).

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