I was never a Nintendo fan, I was always a Sega boy. For those who share inherent distrust of all things spewed from the dripping maw of Nintendocles, Dark Overlord of the Mario Cashcow, the above pointy eared twat is named Link. He’s apparently been trying to rescue some princess broad for the last 20 years. Or something.
So, LINKS (get it?)
One of my evil cronies who is far more adept at computer-y stuff than I  has worked some magics on the internets, and now all of my related author type stuff can be reached through my domain name,
So here I am, in all my name-dropping glory:
You can now reach this blog by hitting up – that is until my proper website type thing goes up online sometime later this year.
So, a public shout-out to my man Rafe! Much <3 you big ol’ hunk of nerd, you!

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