Kinslayer Giveaways & Bling

She so angreeeeee
Back from Perth and Sydney Supanova which was awesome. Full report to come. But quickly:
We’re running a KINSLAYER galley giveaway here. Make with the clickies for your chance to win 1 of 100 copies. US and Canadian residents only, sorry folks. Sternly worded letters of complaint may be addressed to Tor UK or PanMacMillan Australia if you’re not a Canuck or Yankee.
Also, the KINSLAYER Pre-order offer is still running here. Remember – this is the ONLY place you’ll EVER be able to get a copy of THE LAST STORMDANCER in print format. Again, it’s US and Canada residents only, but I’m sure if you know somebody in the US or Canada who’s willing to have your stuff posted to their house AIN’T NOBODY GONNA MIND.
As some of you may know, STORMDANCER is up for THREE David Gemmel Awards – Best Fantasy, Best Newcomer and Best Cover.
You can vote in the Best Fantasy category here.
Best newcomer here.
Best cover here.
As you were!

16 Responses to โ€œKinslayer Giveaways & Blingโ€

  1. Matteo Furlotti says:

    Considering I only read your book of the ones up to the prize I can’t really vote can I?

  2. Tygenco says:

    Also, will you be running another ARC giveaway like you did last year with the various entry methods like fan art and awesomeness and so on? *looks somewhat hopeful*

  3. Darn I’m from Jamaica. But the cover looks wonderful.

  4. Rampage202 says:

    Aww, the giveaway looks to be only for US residents actually. Oh wells, I’ll still buy the book when it comes to stores north-side.

  5. /anne... says:

    If you’ve ever wondered what happens to the signed copies you leave in bookshops – about a month ago I bought the last signed copy in Dymocks in Knox City as a birthday present for my daughter’s boyfriend. I was going to buy Prince of Thorns (easier for the Game of Thrones generation), and save Stormdancer for Christmas, but how could I resist a signed copy?
    He comes from a family where books are rare. My daughter comes from a family where books are found in all rooms that don’t have either a toilet or a washing machine. I bought him a copy of The Rough Guide to Surviving the End of the World last Christmas. We’re working on him ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Aw, that’s so cool! I was just in there the other day – the Knox Dymocks guys are really cool.
      So glad to hear I’m helping to build another reader! hope he enjoys it! And thanks for stopping by and letting me know – very cool feeling ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Guess who I voted for Best Fantasy, Best Newcomer and Best Cover?! ๐Ÿ˜€

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