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Very quick one this week, but some cool news.
The LOTUS WAR trilogy has just sold in Brazil to Objetiva books – http://www.objetiva.com.br. Publication will be in Portugese, final release date to be announced. E-book format will also be available. Huzzah!
STORMDANCER also got a starred review over at Shelf Awareness – I don’t normally bounce my own pogo stick over my professional reviews, but this was another big one, and the review is funny too 🙂
Mr Mike Perschon, aka Steampunk Scholar, probably the greatest authority on the interwebs about all things SP just named STORMDANCER in his Top 10 Steampunk Must Haves, along with seminal texts like LEVIATHAN and BONESHAKER, so that was pretty awesome.
Thanks to all the folks who’ve been sending me pics of STORMDANCER in the wild. Please send more, it’s very cool seeing my baby out in the world.
THE WORLD section of my website is now complete – you can read a potted history of the Shima imperium, along with a little bit about each of the four clans here. We’ll be adding a new section with wallpapers and bonus stuff and whatnot in the next few weeks.
For people who couldn’t be at the launch asking about getting a copy of THE LITTLE STORMDANCER (very awesome of you), I’m currently investigating putting the book up online somewhere. I don’t really know the how’s of it all – I’ll need to do some poking around now that life is returning to a “normal” pace. But more news will follow.
The STORMDANCER blog tour is wrapping up, but there are still a couple of signed hardbacks up for grabs on the later stops, so if you’re looking for freebies, BAM.
As for my life, I’m back off the promo vacation. All the interviews and blog posts were kinda exhausting, but it was still awesome and I hopefully didn’t make an idiot of myself in any of them (although my sarcasm seems to be lost on some folks…). I’m working my way through third draft of book 3, awaiting editor’s notes on book 2 and tossing around ideas on a Secret Project which is shaping up kinda cool. At least in my head.
And that is all. Big Scary Hugs.

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  1. hrose2931 says:

    I so wanted to send you a picture of me with Stormdancer on the shelves of my local B&N, but it is such a shitty bookstore that it didn’t even have your book “but they could order it for me” though they looked at me weirdly as to why I, clearly not a teen, would want a teen book. Apparently not up on the trends at all. Their newest releases were at least two months old. Found YA books in the Romance section (couldn’t help it they were oversized and stickiing out) various other odd books in odd places. Next time, I’ll go in armed with my ARC and take a picture. The biggest display there was the Nook display blocking out any books that might be for sale in front of you, to the left and to the right as you walk in. What exactly do they sell again???
    They suck!

    • lol, no dramas. Some B&Ns have been putting it in the adult section, some in the YA. It’s one of those books that can really be read by either, so it’s not surprising its appearing in both sections. But not appearing at all? booooo

  2. Anya says:

    I just got my copy of Stormdancer in the mail and started it yesterday! It’s so beautiful! I also didn’t realize that tattoos played such a big part in the culture, and I freaking love tattoos 🙂 Awesome job, once again.

  3. Big scary hugs … the best kind.

  4. neyska says:

    Congrats on the Brazil sale. It was awesome getting your book in the mail. I’ve been following it so closely at this point that I got a bit of a vicarious high having it in my hands. Hoping to get that a little less vicariously with one of my own books some day. 😉
    Beautiful book and a great read. Eagerly awaiting book two (no pressure, of course). 😉

  5. Cass says:

    Oooh, secret project! Intriguing! Also, love that book three is past first draft stage. So that’s three novels in two years, more or less? You’re a machine! 😀

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